Btc Is At The Discount price again

The month of August ending in bearish candle few hrs from now ATW.
Btc rally Back to the discount zone between 20k to 19 price which is kinda scary at the moment.



BTCUSDT is currently on systematic mechanism of price delivery where the liquidity are being hunted on every angle of the chart I will be sharing a daily price delivery movement so you can see how the btc push out of the 29k region last month then use this month to retrace back to the origin of last month price. Who knows what the price delivery will look like next.


Btc on the daily chart shows bearish momentum but gives buy opportunity algorithms is left for the price to shows us where to go, though I'm ticking a buy this time because of some reasons on the technical point of view I see a lot of imbalance and liquidity for the whales to grab at the upside which is also called buys side liquidity. On the low 19k is a major demand zone for btc as well.


Here on the monthly chart btc currently at the monthly fair value gap. Which is one of our major confluence as institutional trader. We use it as a bias on the move of the price. So we can say that btc is on a major discount or demand zone.
Though it can be broken and rally below 19 which will be a disaster for us I pray such move doesn't happen.
thank you for reading my post

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