Hive Closed Bullish In The Month Of August

HIVEUSDT closed in bullish for the month of August though is a dogi candle pattern meaning there's a lot of indecision last month but what matters is the it closed bullish.



I will be doing a quick analysis on hive base on technical aspects. currently the crypto market is bearish but last month we saw hive spike up several times and it retrace back but the amazing part is it ended in bullish while btc ended in bearish for the monthly closed is that a sign they might be shift in the market soon?.

Hiveusdt Monthly chart 📈

Here on the monthly chart all I see is price delivery algorithm.

Currently hive is at 0.5587 Price ATW and hive already considered 0.3078 region as the major support zone if it get broken that means hive will eventually go lower which will be kind of difficult to occur if only btc can push up from the 19k zone too.

Hiveusdt Daily Chart 📈

On the daily chart the price action momentum is clear on price delivery.


The daily timeframe liquidity is created and we are about to grab those liquidity above so my daily bias on hive is bullish and I see more reasons we are going up that liquidity is number one reason we are going to clear it and eventually if btc hold we are likely to go higher from here on hive.

Hiveusdt 4hr Chart 📈


Here on the 4hr timeframe you can see my entry zone plus exit price because on the 4hr timeframe there's both buyside liquidity and sell side liquidity the question now is which are we going for first up or down??. all depends on what btc chooses to go but on my own side I choose upside the system is building momentum already upside so let's go up we go. Also the hive community is incredibly doing well and that should be another reason to bag in now on the discount zone.

NOTE: this is not a financial advice always do your own research before investing on any of my analysis thank you.

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