Steam NextFest First Impressions: Pesticide Not Required


Hello, hello! Welcome to yet another Steam NextFest Demo post. 😁

In today's post we visit Pesticide Not Required which is a bullet-hell, horde-survival roguelite game that, from the description, seems similar to Vampire Survivors and Soulstone Survivors and a myriad of other Survivors games.

You can find it on the Steam Store, HERE!

This is Demo #5 of 6 that I've downloaded in hopes of finding an amazing future game to buy and cherish for my own. So far, during this NextFest, I've only found one that I've liked. Here's hoping Pesticide Not Required makes it two!


So, if you're too lazy to click on the Steam link above, allow me to tell you what this game describes itself to be. We've already ascertained it to be a rogue-lite, bullet-hell, horde-survival thing akin to a bazillion "Survivors" type games... but what makes this one stand out in a sea of similar games?

Farming. Fishing. Mining.

HELL YEAH. I, the Resource Goblin, approve of resource-related gameplay. Let's have a looksie at this demo!


I'm a cute little froggy and I just want a prosperous, pest-free farm!

The pests are the hordes of enemies, and I, the froggy, must destroy them all. And mine, fish, and farm whilst destroying said enemies.

Gameplay is very, very simple. Just move around and avoid being hit! Same as every other Survivors game. But. In this. We also mine for money, fish for money, grow crops for money, and grow weapon upgrades to further murder the pests that dare set foot upon this fine farmland.


As we harvest crops, catch fish, and kill the pests... we gain xp, level up, and get to choose a perk each level-up. Some perks also have cons as well as pros. Some perks related to doing more damage, and others relate to becoming better at certain resource activities.

Pretty standard stuff.


There is a day/night cycle, and every morning a shop opens for you to peruse and purchase items from.

This is how we obtain seeds and expand our farming plot. And also how we acquire weapons to grow to further strengthen Zee Froggy. The more of a type of weapon you get, the further you upgrade it.

Sometimes the merchant has pets for sale, too, who help on the farm by watering plants, planting seeds, fertilising, speeding things up, helping pick up your vast amounts of loot, or even helping you fight the hordes of pests.


It's a very simple game. Kill things, grow things, level up, kill more things, grow more things, over and over and over. Survive!


Finally, once you hit the "end", instead of an invincible boss coming to kill you to end the game, YOU become the invincible boss, annihilate the remaining enemies, and win the game.


In the End-of-Game Screen we see how many and which pets I had, that I levelled up all my weapons to 5, and had a healthy amount of perks and stats. Woo.


I thought that was the end of the demo, as a "Congratulations on finishing the Demo!" message popped up, but then, I pressed Continue, and it turns out my cute little froggy has a cute little house.


Here you can choose a new frog to play as, and unlock more frogs, all with their own pros and cons. View your achievements. Furnish your froggy home....


And level up various stats to make your next game even better!

For a simple little Survivors-esque game, I thoroughly enjoyed this! I would be more than happy to grind away as a cute little farming frog to wile away some hours.

Definitely adding this one to my wishlist! πŸ˜ƒ


See you next time for another Steam NextFest first impressions! 😊



All screenshots in this post are courtesy of me, @kaelci and are from the game demo: Pesticide Not Required.