Climate change is killing the earth !


People have been disturbed due to heat waves in my city. The temperature rose as high as 49°C , we have not been use to this hot waves specially in this month.

The summer brings heat waves here in the month of june and July but this year it was different. We faced alot of hit waves from the month of April itself.

Yesterday the weather was cloudy and it did rain and due to that there is relief atleast for today. The temperature is 36°c and it is bearable.



There were news that record breaking temprature was recorded in the month of may. The reason behind this is no one but we ourself.

Climate change is happening all around the world and who is responsible for that ? We have been killing the nature and industrialization is at its peak.

When trees will be cut down and we will rely on machines for purified air and water what can we expect from the nature. Nature will not work how it should have as we are already here with solutions.

We don't want to plant new trees but we want to search the web and see what device will help us purify air in our home. The future will even be worst if we do not apply real solutions to save nature.

Plant one tree and contribute towards saving the nature.