Beer production report on CryptoBrewMaster #3


Hello Hive community, welcome to my CryptoBrewMaster game beer brewing report.

If you don't know Cryptobrewmaster then know that it is a brewery simulator where you are able to produce beer and sell them for CBM (Fungible Token), so you are able to earn real money within the game.

Selling beer is just one of the ways to get money in the game, there are other ways like weekly competitions that take place where Cryptobrewmaster rewards the most outstanding players in each area of the game with ASH (Fungible Token) and ingredient cards. For that I invite you to look at my quick guides on how to get started and make money in the game, but they will only introduce you to the basics of what to do, if you really want to increase your earnings and stand out in the events you will have to build a good strategy. But don't just think about earnings because the game is also fun, besides brewing and consuming beer is the desire of many, so I hope your experience in CryptoBrewMaster is pleasant.

  • Guide on how to create your account and start playing - Here

  • Guide on how to make money in CryptoBrewMaster - Here

  • Guide on how to transfer your in-game earnings to the Hive Wallet - Here

Today's beer production report

  • Reasons to Produce Beer

1 - Luck factor. Depending on the quality of the beer produced, you will be able to sell it for a higher value in the market than you would selling each ingredient separately, so increasing the efficiency of the Beer Factory is a great way to achieve greater gains because you will have more chances of getting quality beers best.

2 - Drinking beer makes you gain energy and this is a crucial factor for the production of ingredients because every time you produce 1 ingredient you will consume energy and you only recover 1 every hour.

3 - Earn points in the Weekly Events to get rewards like ASH and ingredient cards.

  • CBM values of beer production today

Pub: 59.13 CBM

Average Price on the Market: 97 CBM

Go to Cryptex24 to see the current CBM and ASH price

  • Important Details to Mention:

Liquidity in the CryptoBrewMaster market is not high so if you want to sell your beers/ingredients keep in mind that it may take hours, days or even longer for this to happen but at some point they will probably sell out so be patient.

Values earned from brewing beer is just a part of the earnings in CryptoBrewMaster, I also have earnings from selling ingredients and from weekly event rewards, but also keep in mind that to produce ingredients it is necessary to rent buildings that cost CBM, so to have better results have a good strategy and make calculations.

My goal in publishing posts from my beer productions is to promote the game CryptoBrewMaster along with my guides about it that will serve as a basic form of knowledge about the game. Having the CryptoBrewMaster name frequently on Hive is a great form of organic dissemination and in my opinion a game with great art and a captivating theme for many as well as being fun as CryptoBrewMaster should be promoted.

To follow future updates follow the @cryptobremaster account which is the official game account. You can also follow them on Twitter for more information.

Remembering that this is not an investment tip and CryptoBrewMaster as well as other Nfts games are risk investments so only invest what you won't need.

If you have any questions about the game, leave it in the comments and I will answer according to my knowledge about it.