CryptoBrewMaster 50 CBM Giveaway #21


Hello Hive community, welcome to my CryptoBrewMaster Giveaway where I will be raffling off 50 CBM.

To participate is quite simple, you just need to leave a comment on this post with your CBM wallet at Cryptex24 or your CBM wallet at CryptoBrewMaster and I will use a program to randomly select one of the comments and the winner will receive 50 CBM.

If you do not have a Cryptex24 account then I will recommend you my post where I will be explaining how to create account and sell CBM, exchange for Hive/HBD and send to your Hive Wallet.

  • Guide on how to transfer your CryptoBrewMaster earnings to your Hive Wallet - Here

I also invite you to check out my other 2 guides on CryptoBrewMaster where I will be explaining how to create your account and how to earn money within the game that you can convert to Hive/HBD and transfer to your Hive Wallet.

  • Guide on how to create your account and start playing - Here

  • Guide on how to make money in CryptoBrewMaster - Here


  • To participate in the Giveaway, leave a comment with your CBM wallet from Cryptex24or your CBM wallet at CryptoBrewMaster.
  • Upvotes and Following are not required to participate, but your support is appreciated.
  • I will use the Random Picker to determine the Winner.
  • Duration of the Giveaway - November 28 to November 29 / 18:00 (UTC)(2022).
  • I will announce the Winner in my next post after the Giveaway Ends.
  • Good Luck to All Participants!

Last Giveaway Results

The winner of the giveaway was @bfciv, you can check the list of participants in last giveaway post: CryptoBrewMaster 50 CBM Giveaway #20

Congratulations, the prize has already been sent.

@irisworld @lucimorningstar @bfciv @luizeba @tengolotodo


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