My Hashkings Progress #2 ( Buying South America Land Plot )


Hello everyone and welcome to my post about an amazing Hive blockchain game called Hashkings and here I will show my progress daily where I will be reinvesting all my earnings in the game so that I can grow even more in it as I believe in the project and that he has great potential for the future.

Maybe you don't know about the Hashkings game so I'll give you a brief introduction about it.

Hashkings is a cannabis cultivation simulator where you will have an avatar and you will be able to own land and grow seeds on them and after this hard work is over you will harvest BUDS (Fungible Token).

BUDS are a versatile and liquid token in Hashkings which can be used in various scenarios:

1 - Burn them to get MOTA (fungible token).
2 - Roll joints to get experience points for your avatar.
3 - Trading on Hive Engine.
4 - Use it as a payment method in the entire Hashkings ecosystem and get a 10% discount.

But this is just the basic scenario about Hashkings, there are many other ways you can get BUDS in the game and one of them is Raids which is my biggest source of BUDS gain currently, in raids you will send your avatar to fight a boss and will earn BUDS based on the amount of power your avatar has. Remembering that you can have multiple avatars within the game.

To better understand Hashkings and also not to make this post too long you can access the game's Gitbook where it will give you many details about how the game works.

Another way to follow the development of the game is through the @hashkings counter where they will always be communicating about the news within the game, you can also follow them on Twitter.

My Way of Investing Now

As I mentioned before I will be reinvesting 100% of my winnings into the game and this division will happen as follows:

  • 30% of my BUDS earnings will be burned in the BUDS Pool so that I can get MOTA and I will put Mota in Stake so that I can earn seeds so I won't need to buy them in the market and I will become self-sufficient in seeds for my land plots.

  • 30% of my BUDS earnings will be used to buy Land Plots, the more plots I own the more in-game earnings I will have so it will be an important acquisition for my cannabis empire.

  • 20% of my BUDS earnings will be used to buy Water Towers/Upgrade they will be needed for me to get Hkwater to grow seeds on my land plots. My intention is also to become self-sufficient in water production so that I don't have to buy Hkwater from the Hive Engine.

  • 20% of my BUDS earnings will be used to buy Avatars that will be useful in raids and will increase my earnings in them.

This is my reinvestment strategy in Hashkings and not an investment tip, so if you are going to use it keep that in mind because every investment has its risks.

My Land Plots in Hashkings

Asia plots: 0

Jamaica land plots: 0

African land plots: 0

Afghanistan land plots: 0

Mexico land plots: 1

South America land plots: 2

Land plots purchases today: 1 South America Land Plot

BUDS gains with land plots today: 0

My Water Towers in Hashkings

Owned Water Towers: 0

Number of Hkwater won daily: 0

Water Tower purchases today: 0


Currently my biggest gain in Hashkings is through raids where I can send my avatars to fight a boss and earn BUDS and EXP tokens.

The amount gained depends on the power of your avatar so the stronger he or they are, the bigger your winnings.

My Raids gains 24/07/2022 was:

Remembering that this value varies according to the rarity of the Boss I attacked, so the greater the rarity, the greater my gains.

Earned EXP tokens are used to create Joints that will be used to level up avatars, you can also sell them on the Hive Engine.

My earnings 24/07/2022

My BUDS earnings: 4667

30% of this amount was burned in the Mota Pool that yielded me:

The remaining 70% of the BUDS will be accumulated so that I can buy land plots, water towers and avatars in the market once I have enough money and a good opportunity to buy.

Value of BUDS currently: $0.0001292

Value of MOTA currently: $0.0968551

My goal in making these daily posts showing my progress is to publicize this amazing Blockchain Hive game called Hashkings and show those who are and are not in the game a sense of gains within it and also what growth would be like reinvesting those gains.

To compare my progress in Hashkings see my post My Hashkings Progress #1 and compare the amount of assets/earnings with the current progress post.

Join me on this incredible journey in Hashkings that still has a lot to offer in the future and I hope these posts can be useful to you.


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