The old orchids are fading; new ones are blooming soon; life reflections.

Nature and time don’t wait for anyone, trees and plants in my garden continue to follow the cycles and rhythm of time. The only way for me is to learn from these plants and cycles of Nature. No matter what excuses I might have, they just won’t stop or wait for me to catch up. This makes me realised that I haven’t much time left to follow up on my list of to-do things to safeguard the security or survival in the near future.



I walk around the garden observing the fading beauty of last month’s orchids, they have changed a lot from being so bright and beautiful to being paler and more withdrawn. Physical deterioration is natural in all living beings; so I have to make haste while my physical capabilities still afford me hard work. These fading orchids didn’t moan or protest about the inevitable changes; they know the cycle of Nature is the law in natural world.



Birth and death, sickness and old age are the norms for all life on earth. That’s the basic fact of life which the Buddha had discovered while he escaped from his palace to see the real world outside. He was shocked by what he saw and was very upset to kind that all people had to face these facts of life. That started him on his journey and search for some solutions to all the sufferings. I have resolved to making a wish to follow Buddhist teaching towards enlightenment. But the journey has been quite disappointing as I have not been very consistent and often forget about mindfulness.



These orchids don’t have the emotions and fuzzy thoughts inside their heads to slow them down or disrupt their natural cycle of being. Life is really a challenge of the inner world of conflicts and contradictions. Thoughts and options could easily take over mindfulness and the subtle ego would go astray. I have to go back to basic observation and simple joy of walking among trees and plants, hoping to gain wisdom and comfort from Mother Nature.



Somehow these orchids know that they ought to support my spiritual journey and give me some encouragement. I did ask them whether other older orchids would be on strike this year as I have not given them any attention. Then, one big orchid responded two weeks later with two new buds. A few days later the third stem of small buds comes out to join the other two. Amazing orchids indeed! They could communicate with me telepathically. So, I am very grateful to these quiet orchids with impeccable manner and politeness. They never scolded at me for neglecting them throughout the year.



Another old pot plants, given to me by long lost friend, have bright red flowers to remind me of the old lady. I neglected her after she moved to a new house several years ago. We lost contact and I could never find out about her new address or telephone number. I lived to regret my decision to this day; I did try to search for her with my tuk-tuk driver for several weeks without any success. She was getting very old, in her seventies, so I guessed she was no longer around. These red flowers always reminded me of her and my hesitation in trying to get her new address years ago. Life is full of sad old stories, bad mistakes, procrastination and hesitation.



It might have been much simpler if my mind just follow the natural cycles of time and seasons. Human beings are very different from orchids; we are gifted with so many capabilities and potentials. So, there must be a purpose to these gifts and special blessings. I have to learn the secret of how to live a fulfilling life with spiritual progress so that I could become a better human being in the present moment. My orchids and flowers would always be there to accompany me on my journey. Mother Nature is always looking after everyone and the solitary seeker of enlightenment.


Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.


You are so blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with all the orchids. They honor your journey no matter what is going on in your life. ;-)


Oh dear, I have an outdoor orchid growing envy again! Yours are absolutely stunning. I love the yellow vanda and the one on the last picture the most. Also what a beautiful memory of the lady that gave you the red flower. I had it in my garden too the previous summer, but it didn't survive the winter