Wandering around my garden, leaking water tank and talking to trees.

These past three months have been very, very hot and dry. It reminded me of the heat wave passing through our country almost ten years ago. This time the hope for rain clouds was dashed by sudden strong wind and drying heat which evaporated all the rain clouds. But the weather officials told us that there was no heat wave crossing over our country. So, I had to conclude that the piercing heat frequencies might well be the result of some weather manipulation or geoengineering geoengineering. Some experts on sunspots told us that the activities on the sun and the burst of filaments on the sun sent out powerful energies which could hit the earth and impact the weather.



So, I had to start praying for divine assistance as they had the power beyond material dimension. They could move and change cosmic energies so physical matters or invisible frequencies could be molded or transformed without the restriction of space or time. Imagine if I could change things around the globe by just thinking or visualising. As a second thought, I’d rather not have that capability as I could not take the enormous responsibility of the results of my intervention in nature.


I was back to earthly reality of my garden where all the trees were crying out for rain. All the forest trees had shed their leaves to conserve water inside their trunks. Several shrubs looked completely dry as if they were dead. But when I looked at nearby fields, the weeds and bushes looked so green. I wondered why these didn’t dry up or turn brown. Those weeds and wild grasses seemed to have covered the ground to keep moisture within the area very effectively.


Our land had been filled with red earth and gravels; these small rocks made the ground very hard and dry in hot season. Most trees took years to grow bigger as their roots had to work slowly around those hidden gravels. So, I was very grateful to my fruit trees for persevering with bad soil and hard life. I found that talking to my trees had made a lot of difference and the results were quite surprising. They really tried hard to nourish my garden and feed me. I dreamed of one day when I no longer had to buy fruits from vendors; my fruit trees would give me fruits every week. So, I’d better start paying more attention to these beneficial trees.



The neighbour’s cows were gazing in the nearby fields. They looked very skinny and I didn’t think it’s possible to get fat by eating grasses and weeds. Where did these cows get all the protein and fat to get bigger? If we eat grass, would we get fat like cows? Silly questions were swimming inside my head. I knew the heat had gone to my brain. There were several big red-ant nests on mango trees. These were very fierce and warrior ants whose eggs were very expensive in the market. My gardener had managed to get some ants’ nests; she cooked them for her family dinner. I hoped these ants wouldn’t be reincarnated as ants again. Perhaps they should become birds so that they could fly away in the sky.



I found some pomelo trees were full of fruits. These trees were amazing, though they refused to progress for years. After talking to them nicely for one season, they decided to flower with lovely fragrance. Then, suddenly we saw lots of small green balls dangling from their branches. I told my gardener that there were some tree-spirits on these trees. We had to treat these trees with more respect to earn their sympathy and understanding. Talking to trees has become my new habit. Some fruit trees seemed to have a presence of a wise grandfather, so I called him grandpa tree. This charismatic mango tree used to bring on a lot of pocket money during the past few years. Villagers liked the sweet texture and aromatic fragrance of these old style mangoes. Elderly villagers liked to have ripe mangoes with steamed rice!



We had a problem with leaking valve of the backup water tank. So, my friendly builder sent two workers to change the old valve and connecting pipe. They had to climb up the water tower which was about six meters high. The view from up there was rather cool especially during sunset. I thought of going up there with a glass of wine during sunset. But the straight climb was quite hard as gravity pull was quite strong making the climbing very arduous and tricky. It’s safer walking or cycling along the river during sunset.


These builders and construction workers were making a lot of money these days. The young worker could afford a nice car this year, last year she was still going around on motor bike. This team of builders have been building over ten houses during the last two years for expats and their local villagers. I guessed they had no time to spend their income! I had to give some ivermectin to these friendly workers as they looked rather sick to me. They confirmed to me all the symptoms I suspected they were experiencing. I didn’t want to lose hard working and friendly problem solvers for my water and electrical systems.


This past week I noticed that one of the four orchids which survived from last year's dry season has finally showed off some tiny flowers. These tiny flowers looked very cute and charming. I thought she wouldn’t make it this season, my persistent watering and chatting with her did bring her back. My gardener couldn’t understand why we should talk to trees and plants. They could respond to our attention and friendship could be established.



A few days ago, while cycling past another section of the land, I could hear voices from some trees crying out for help. I had to park my bicycle and went to see which one needed help. I was horrified to see a five meter tree without any leaves and some branches were drying off. The roots could no longer find underground water because of the drought and heat. I had to rush back home to get a ten meter hose for connecting to the water tap by the fence. After watering this tree, I found four more trees in the same state. I told them to forgive me for neglecting them this season as they could usually weather the dry season every year. I has asked my gardener to start water these trees and other small trees in sad state.



It amazed me that she couldn’t feel the state of nature around her as she was supposed to be psychic and also a village’s medium. Though it was getting dark, I could still feel the urgency and had to redress the situation straight away. Sometimes I would just walk towards some trees for no reason. As I got closer, I realised why I had to walk that way. It would be much easier if trees could speak my language. But then I would be overwhelmed by their complaints about the weather and hard earth.



I do hope they realize that I could only do so much with my two hands during daytime. These trees have been teaching me a lot about patience, perseverance and sacrifice. I just hope they would join me in praying for rain and cooler weather very soon. Happy looking trees would cheer me up tremendously as I would be less worried about their well being. These trees have become my good friends.




Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.


I pray for a rain storm that nourishes your land. I totally believe that weather is often being modified and manipulated.

Wow those poor cows, it's so incredibly sad. I hope they don't feel too much suffering for much longer.


Thank you very much for your sympathy and prayers. It seemed to work! We should have rain storm in a few days!

Those cows are getting fatter now! There’s plenty of young new leaves for them by the fence. They have many choices of green leaves!

Have a relaxing day!
Don’t work too hard!


That's such good news!!!

I wish I could have a relaxing day and not work too hard. Quite the opposite on Saturday night at this restaurant. It's a treadmill that doesn't stop😂