Can you delete data posted on a Blockchain?

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We all are part of blockchain technology as we use this social blockchain but as we use it we must know some important things about blockchain because most of us are only concerned about earning something from the platform which is not wrong but still you should have some important knowledge about a blockchain.

In a blockchain when a particular event take place that is recorded in the blockchain and once that happens you can not delete that thing. For example on hive if you post a blog and later think of deleting it you can not do that as hive is also a social blockchain and once something is added to the blockchain it lives here forever.



Don't confuse yourself with the delete or edit button you see on your blog because that is only at the frontend level. That means in reality things do not get deleted and it is only the frontend where you see changes.

If you post a blog and delete it no one can see that blog on the frontend but when someone will go on to the blockchain explorer for hive they can find your data living there as it is. It is because in reality the blockchain stores what you posted as a part of the blockchain.

So before you post anything on a blockchain specially on a social blockchain make sure you are sharing something you would not want to delete. That was a piece of information that i though it sharing with the people here.

I know many of the readers might be knowing this about the blockchain already but still i have shared this as there are many who do not have proper knowledge about the blockchain technology.

That's all for today , thanks for reading till here.


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