Nights and seas



It is really low season and because of that slow season in Thailand and you can notice it on everything. More than often I am wondering if businesses are closed for low season and on vacay or if they are closed for the long term, because how much they are making now doesn't feel sustainable at all. I would say these places could use some people visiting by again for sure.

But whis was more abouts nights and water and my appreciation for exactly these factors. Often when I am walking by the sea on the evenings I wonder what drives me so much towards it and there is no honest answer. It is the vibe that comes with the sea. The sight of the moonlight reflecting on the water, or otherwise artificial lights. Yeah, those are actually also the vibe makers.

When I am walking by the sea I am often thinking about my days in the Caribbean and what exactlty was the factor that held me there. The ocean is the answer. The ocean which acts like White Noise neutraling everything. The ocean to walk the dog in by the sunrise with the colours of the red sun reflecting on the water.

And in the evenings? Think about a fire in the sand. The smell of wood and the sound of the waves crashing in.

Heck I need some more warm beaches in my life. We need crypto to get back on its feet again ;)

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