Random Thai thoughts for this rainy Sunday



As I am sitting at home on the most calm day ever thinking about if I should get a Christmas tree already (it is still november, but who cares), I am also thinking back on how just not that long ago I was still in Thailand and everything was just so chill and days flew by while nothing spectacular was happening.

I was scrolling through my pictures and just found random shots of stuff that I noticed from just being there. And while I am under a blanket now with a sore throat I can only think about how I want to be back there and enjoy how nice it was. Getting into a boat in the dark and arriving at a new bay without seeing any views, and waking up the next morning seeing this was a beautiful place. Making a reservation for a place to stay but making it in the wrong week, keeping everyone surprised by walking in because no one was expecting us.. Going to a new bay where there was no ATM and forgetting to bring cash, so hustling around to get everything done before being able to head back to the ATM.

Without planning anything there is adventure, and adventure makes the heart beat just a little bit faster. Not adventure in the way of ziplining and being chased by sharks. But adventure as you never know where you will be ending up at the end of the day, and never know what you will be doing later on.

Warm temperatures even when it is raining and still going for a swim in the rain, while here the public swimming pools are 1 degrees colder again because of the electricity bill for the swimming pools. Argh, these are other situations in these countries and I really liked being in the ease of it all. Plucking a banana from a tree when it is ready. Enjoying stuff with small red chillies everywhere. Having fresh food with no conservants in there which you can really feel in your tummy that this food is just a lot more yummie.

That is the thing with escaping the dark days from Europe by soaking up some sun here and there. The soaking is really nice, but getting back feels extra dark and I felt like getting a cold or an angina was almost something bound to happen with my schedule of traveling and partying. I should just except that that is the price to pay for making a good one to the fullest, and don’t look back badly on it because of the decisions to go all-in.

When looking at these snaps…damn the conclusion was that it was all good. Now crawl up again under the blanket in acceptance and smile while looking at these random things again

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