Silver Review: One Dirham of the Sultanate of Bintan Darul Masyhur

Hello! My name is Hira Karmachela a.k.a BABE ODED, I'm a sharia-compliant artist based on Indonesia. On this occasion, I want to share my experience or other side of my daily life as an artist. Just starting in early 2021, I am interested in collecting gold and silver. Especially silver in the form of bars or coins.

In my country, gold and silver are more often traded in the form of jewelry. But I'm not very interested in jewelry because as a man I can't take advantage of its function, while as a store of value, jewelry has an impure grade compared to gold and silver in the form of bars or coins.

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So, I decided to set aside some income to start collecting gold and silver. In this post, I will review one from my collection. Happy reading.

Dirham: Coin and Glory

I decided to start collecting silver in the form of bars and coins. However, as a sharia-compliant artist, I have limitations in collecting items. I specialize in collecting coins without figures on the surface.

Therefore, I decided to collect dirham coins. Do you know anything about the term of dirham?

In short, the dirham is a term for a unit of weight that is commonly used to weigh the same as grams or ounces. In this post I review coins weighing 1 dirham. There are some differences of opinion regarding the weight of 1 dirham when converted in other units such as grams. However, one of them says 1 dirham is equal to 2,975 grams. Likewise as written in the coins that I collect (AG 999 2.975 G)

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However, in layman's view, the term dirham is often assumed to be the name of a currency. It is true, once the dirham was used as currency during the heyday of Islam which refers to silver currency with its partner dinar which refers to gold currency. Even before that time, the word dirham came from a coin that originated in Greece called drachma.

The interesting thing about the existence of the dirham is the identity of the publisher that is engraved on its surface. In the past, only the emir (a type of governor) could mint silver and gold coins and be legalized as currency. The name of an emir will be engraved on the surface of the coin as a guarantee of the authenticity of the coin's grade.

Now private issuers can mint coins even though the coins can only be treated as commodities. However, the value remains unchanged. Silver is silver, a precious metal that has value.

The coins that I collect are issued by the Sultanate of Bintan Darul Masyhur, a small kingdom in the Republic of Indonesia and the name of Sultan Haji Huzrin Hood is engraved as a guarantor of the authenticity of the value of this silver coin.

Visual Details

Visually, I was attracted by the design of the dirham coin which has an Islamic feel. On one side, there is calligraphy with Arabic letters, the year of publication in the Hijri year, and a caption that reads 1 PERAK. The word "perak" means silver in Bahasa.

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On the other side there is the logo and inscription of the Sultanate of Bintan Darul Masyhur as the issuer of this coin and the engraving of the name of the Sultan as a guarantor of the authenticity of the coin. On the edge there is a small information stating the purity level of silver, namely AG 999 and weighing 2,975 grams.

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Thank you for visiting this post. Look forward to my next posts.

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Thanks @karmachela, you have brought great knowledge. I just found out about the meaning of dirham and silver from your post. I became interested in owning precious metals like the ones you collect. May God bless you with all goodness.