3 days left for the 3 Years HIVE! Let's Celebrate!

Can you believe it that its almost 3 years now?


It was the 20th of March, when hive was born. Do you remember?
Even though I have put most of it behind, there were many people that were deeply affected about everything that happened.

You can read this post https://leofinance.io/@bala41288/getting-ready-for-3r-16-03-2023-s1qfq by @bala41288 or check out this post by Cointelegraph or by dapp.comto have an idea about what was going on ..

In this post I will not talk much about what happened back then. Even if you experienced it, or if you haven't, you are here now so this means that you value our platforms!

You can even do something to help this platform even more, while you get a chance to receive rewards!!

You are invited to power up HIVE on the 20th of March!

More details in the post of @theycallmedan


Since Hive Anniversary is on the 20th, we will do a special Power Up Day on that date. All hivers are welcome to join this initiative!
Rules to be eligible for any of the prizes:

Make a power-up of 10 HIVE or more on March 20th. Check out the time in UTC, so you don't miss the date.
Make a "Happy Bday Hive" post and add the #HivePowerBday tag.
Share your post on Twitter and other social media.
Accounts must be older than one month of creation & have a reputation of 39 or more.
Your account should have less than 25K Hive Power to qualify for the prizes.
Be in good standing with the Hive community.

You know it now so make sure you keep your hive until the 20th of March :)

And what about the prizes?

THE PRIZES! 100,000 HP in Delegations!

So what are you waiting for?
Convert those HBD to hive (that's what I ll do) and wait patiently until the 20th!

(image created by me in canva)

I am having many exams (1 in the weekend and 2 more in the coming weeks) so I dont have the time now to create some nice hive gifts .. but please wait a bit for a new giveaway that I will create!! I already have something in my mind but i need more time to work on it!

What are you plans for this day?
Where you here 3 years ago? Do you have any questions?

Let me know :)

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Happy anniversary to hive in advance and to us too,
I am just a newbie of just 4 months or thereabouts but am enjoying hive platform, hive is so big that I keep learning new things on daily basis and thats of interest to me,
My plans for the anniversary is to also power up hive and join in the celebration.
So let's chill and wait for the D day.