Beautiful Butterfly Photography

Hello All Insect Lovers!

Yesterday afternoon I saw an amazing butterfly. Yesterday at noon when I came home for lunch. And then in the yard I was eating fried rice with my mother and my little boy. Then a butterfly flew and landed under our tubewell. There is a little water under the tube oil. Probably the butterfly was drinking water from there. Here I did some photography.



Anyway, I hope all my friends are all physically and mentally healthy. At the same time you are having a good time in your respective positions. I'm pretty good too. Now I am sharing with you some photography of butterflies. Which I photographed from our home yesterday afternoon. I hope you like my photography.




Over the last few days I have seen many different types of butterflies flying around our house and around the street and I have seen them sitting here and there for a while. Let's see the truly captivating scene. Especially during this time many butterflies can be seen flying. Yesterday I was sitting with my mother and son eating fried rice when I noticed a butterfly fly and sit under the tubewell. There was some water. Perhaps the butterfly flew here to drink that water and sat down and drank the water. I went to the front to see the butterfly and did some photography at that time. It was awesome to look at and fascinated me a lot.

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