Bugs and bees on flowers!

When the flowers of different colors bloom on the trees, different species of insects can be seen sitting on them. Sometimes even various insects can be seen flying from one flower to another. A variety of insects such as various bugs and bees can be seen flying around in different vegetable flowers in particular. When I go to the vegetable garden, I see a lot of these insects. Which looks very nice.




These are sweet pumpkin flowers. They were growing in our crops. When I visited our land and was looking at the flowers, I saw various insects flying around the flowers. I really liked these scenes. Moreover, there were many such flowers in the vegetable plants. These yellow colored flowers are really amazing to look at. Orange bugs and bees looked very attractive on these yellow flowers.

These tiny bugs are most commonly found in such flowers. Moreover, these insects are most often seen on the leaves of different plants such as grass leaves and different vegetable leaves. As soon as these small moths are approached, they fly away and sit somewhere else. There were also some bees in the flowers. which were seen at the very inside of the flower. Perhaps they were trying to extract honey. Some of the bees stuck to the flowers and the flower hairs stuck to the bees and became dyed. Although these flowers were dancing to the rhythm of the wind. However I photographed the flowers and also photographed the insect.