Let's enjoy the beauty of nine-spotted Moth

Hello All Insect Lovers And My Hivean Friends!

This is a nice moth. A few days ago I shared a beautiful insect photography through this community. I again saw this moth sitting in the window. I liked this view very much and took some photography at that time. It's called nine-spotted Moth.






We see different types of moths around us. Moths of different shapes and colors often attract us. These are the natural beauty of nature. Especially in our hostel we can see different moths on the walls from time to time. At night and in the morning we see many such moths sitting on the walls of the hostel. Due to the presence of various plants and playgrounds in the vicinity, various insects come from there and sit on the walls of our hostel.

Most of the time I see this type of insects around us. It caught my attention from afar because it was sitting in the window and being windowy and different. And it felt nice sitting on the window. It sat very gracefully with its two wings folded and the view was beautiful. Basically, such insects spread their wings and sit in one place for a long time. I see such moths and different species of moths in our hostel that live inside the walls or under the ceiling. Every day I see insects that sometimes fascinate me and I share them through this community.


Oh, fascinating! This is a new moth for me because the pattern looks different from the moth I found around here. I would love to see if you have a photo in front, showing its eyes. Their eyes are so amazing as well.