Photography of Beautiful Butterfly

Hello All Insect Lovers And My Hivean Friends!

When I came out of the room after lunch, I saw this butterfly sitting in front of the room. That butterfly was sitting on a polythene. I saw it when I was walking out of the room to my work and I had my mobile with me at that time and I took some photographs of it. It was awesome to look at and the color of the wings looked so beautiful.


The two wings of this brown butterfly sat side by side. This type of butterfly usually has two wings together. This type of butterfly can be seen flying from one end to the other throughout the day. However, they rest for a while and after a while they fly away again. However, there are some exceptions. Occasionally I find some butterflies that spread out their wings and sit nicely.




Butterflies abound in our homes during this time. Looks like it's butterfly season now. There will be a lot of butterflies sitting in the yard or around the house all day or you will be seen wandering around. As soon as they reach them, they fly away. Even now it is out on the streets, but many butterflies can be seen. Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first. It is also one of my favorite insects so I would love to see it. So I did some photography of it. I hope you like my photography.

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