Five minutes freewrite with prompt:- "Hight temperature"


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Seven years ago while I was still in secondary school, I had this group of friends who loved to commit crimes that had never existed in the history of the secondary school.
The smoked, molested the young ones in our class and extorted money from the junior ones.
The did this while I was tasked to be a spooker for their business.
The house mistress watched us very closely, bit never found any reason to suspend us from being in her house, neither did she found any reason to suspend us from coming to the school.
One day, a junior student messed up, got beaten by one of us and was reported to the school principal.
I tried my best to hide the evidence, but was blown up by another rival group.
It shocked me when they suspended him because he couldn't list our names.
At that point, my temperature rose to twice my normal body temperature, enough to boil a pot of water.
In others for him to come back to school, he gave up all of us. It only took the principal 3 minutes to send in all of us, assign our unique punishments and left us to be.

This is my entry to @mariannewest 5 minutes freewrite