Five minutes freewrite with prompt:- "wire basket"


Baked beans By @seckorama

My first days in the dormitory house was a hell of a kind.
Yeah, I suffered my first pudging, heavily running stomach which lasted for 4 mature days.
It all started from the dinning hall.
As the breakfast bell rang, every one ran to the hall to submit their empty baskets for the food to be dished by the pantry workers.
I submitted mine as others did and the warm porridge beans was served and a loaf of bread into my basket.
On seeing the quantity and quality of food that I was given, I felt so bad that it was poorly done and small to satisfy me.
I hurriedly ate it all, drank my water and praise my creator for another wonderful day in my new school.
I angrily left the dinning hall, went straight to the dormitory and took some plates of oat to hold the wired breakfast.
After taking the last plate of oat, I noticed some movements around my belly. It continued to roar like the lion.
I got soo weak and tired of walking, my temperature raised, my eyes turned cloudy and heavy.
"What could be the problem?"
The stomach offset continued and graduated to running stomach.
I got a bucket of water, went to the toilet and hoped that it would end in a day, but the reverse was the case. This continued to pudge, made me to request for a week off studies.
It was finally granted and o went home to treat myself.
What a bad experience that I'll never forget.

This is my entry to @mariannewest 5 minutes freewrite


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