Five minutes freewrite with prompt:- "richest people"


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Only a fool would think differently when it comes to making money.
Tina was among the top rated people in her class when it comes to dancing. She danced all kinds of dances that's well appreciated by the judges.
While she was busy building herself, other competitors never thought of bringing her down by doing better than what she does. The had canal minds.
One day she was asked to dance for the rich folks in the block.
Tina happily went to satisfy the eyes of the richest people in town.
On her way to the club how, she got kidnapped, beaten like a snake and left to die inside the waste bin.
Luckily for Tina, she was discovered on time, got treated and was left to start over in another city.
One thing is sure, destiny can't be changed but can only be delayed.
She got picked again by the same group but in a better terms and payout.

This is my entry to @mariannewest 5 minutes freewrite