Surviving the Crypto Dip: Investors need an unwavering resoluteness.

What we've all been seeing within the last couple of months in the Cryptoverse is a clear representation of the level of unwavering resoluteness needed to succeed as an investor.


You see, I feel it's very important for anyone getting into this crypto space to know that it isn't a place where you can naively be optimistic about hitting it big within the twinkle of an eye.

I understand that there is so much hype about hitting 5X your investment or some crazy numbers like that, but these things happen when you are ready to think and act in months and years.

The couple of experiences I've had here coupled with stories of really successful people I've read have made it obvious that it takes an awful lot of time, resilience and patience to reap the fruit of our investment.

To put this into context;

  • Haven't you heard of people that sold all their BTC at $100 and they ended up buying back at $10,000?

  • Within the first quarter of this year, people were buying Bitcoin at $60,000. Y'all know what the price is right now.

We've got a crazy stuff right there.

At the moment, so many people are HODLing whatever Crypto they have despite all the wailing we hear from the mainstream media that Crypto is crashing. The trading volume for Crypto is mind-blowing and it truly shows the unwavering resoluteness of investors. To say the least, it's spot-on.

Are you seeing the point? Do you see something you need to have in common with other investors to be able to maintain your sanity in this space?

Your mental determination needs to be overflowing. No kidding!

The mental determination we see from people getting into Crypto (and investment as a whole) has to be outstandingly astonishing. You've got to be ready to turn deaf ears to all the #CryptoCrash moaners and turn blind eyes to the red lines you see in the charts.

Make no mistake about this... It doesn't mean that those HODLing their Crypto at the moment are naively optimistic. Nope. They know that things can go south, but they don't allow this probability to affect their decision.

That's exactly the attitude you need to survive this bearish period as a Crypto investor.

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