The Nevers: A good blend of steampunk and sci-fi in Victorian era.


This TV show is exactly the show I never knew I wanted until I saw the trailer.


Wow! A show that is set in old England when Patriarchy was still the order of the day. I have a special liking for the old English and I knew I will be hearing a lot of those in this show. Aside from my love for the London accent, we will be exploring other things that earn this show a fairly good rating.

The story is cool

This is a blend of science fiction and historical fiction which revolves around a group of people (mostly women) who gained supernatural abilities. Those with such abilities were referred to as 'the touched' and their ability was feared by society as a factor that could lead to a matriarchal uprising.

Aside from having to deal with the wrong perception the society has about them, they also have to deal with some group of the touched who use their power to wreak havoc.

As you can already guess, most of the major characters are females and since they are partly fighting to have a voice in how they live in society, it can be so easy to find elements of feminism in this if the story is not tailored properly.

Thankfully, the writer did a good job of telling the story and still keeping a balance to avoid ruffling some gender's feathers. Haha.

The action sequence is muah

These ladies did amazing job practising for each fight scene and big ups to the director for making each fight as real as possible.

I thoroughly enjoyed the fights and it gets more laudable because they showed the making at the end of each episode. You can't help but appreciate the commitment of the characters to delivering top-notch stunts.

The Villain is such a vibe

Those that have read my reviews a couple of times know how much I love to hate a really good Villain. This show so far did so well to portray a female villain who is also a member of the touched but she is running wild in her killing spree.

Maladie is such an interesting onscreen character and the role was perfectly played by Amy Manson. Her understanding and portrayal of the role are very admirable. Despite being a villain who doesn't hesitate to kill, she still has a dry sense of humour which will make you choke from laughing so hard.

Overall remark for the show


It took the production team only 2 and a half episodes to give the viewers one of the saddest death scenes on a TV show. This felt awkward because the character that died barely made 5 appearances before her death scene, but emotions ran wild when wave after wave of bullets were hitting the young lady.

Arghhh... Just for the record, it's definitely not the lady in the above picture. Haha.

One of the interesting thing about this show is that every Character has their agenda which may overlap and align for a while and it's interesting to see that play out between the characters who are for the touched and those who are against them.

For the audience (like myself), the events and twists that played out in this show are very delicious. You've gotta love it.

My criticism for the show will be coming whenever they released the second part of the first season.

C'ya when we get that from HBO.

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Felicitaciones, kennykwu97 me gustó mucho éste post, la narración y el suspenso que tiene... Saludos, bendiciones y éxitos...


Thanks so much. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show and it's only right to write a fairly worthy review for it. Hehe.

Thanks for the feedback


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I think I watched one movie that tried to implement scifi into an old era lol ! Usually is fun or weird!