How to fight the OP rental prices, Few tricks beating strong Summoners


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Kevian21 here

hello hello, are you renting like me?

well all these good summoners are too high to rent now and not worth the trouble of renting cause it will only diminish your current DEC and you won't offset the rentals you did because of the prices

herein are some examples of the summoners in silver rank

op lmao.JPG

op renting 3.JPG

OP renting.JPG

op rents.JPG

OP silver renting.JPG

now as a renter how are you gonna offset the DEC spent right?

answer just dont rent them go bortus and tyrus instead cheap and effective

battle 1

Tyrus battle

tyrus bat.JPG

Battle link

my Tyrus main strategy is melee with lord Arianthus as a tanker, just beat them up with sneak attack will mostly defeat all your enemies, all the cards rented here are cheap and easy to offset with battle acquired DEC.

bortus battle

bortus battle.JPG

Battle link

This is the cheapest strategy in my opinion almost works every time because the summoner is anti-magic and most people subconsciously use magic because it pierces armor and directly damages health so they use it too often, with Bortus you can't go wrong

the most important cards in Bortus combo set are


angelic mandarin and make sure its lvl 4 because the Triage is very important to heal the wave brood


wb stat.JPG

wave brood because it has a ridiculous amount of HP and also taunt so you can redirect the damage of your enemy to this guy make sure this card is at the most back so it can be most effective


this monster is very simple he has the most damage to deal at high speed and also he is a ranged attacker which in turn will almost guarantee the damage being dealt because in silver rank there is not much counter to ranged monsters at most or enemies don't bother countering ranged attackers also not susceptible to thorn ability

this trio is cheap to rent with Bortus as your summoner you can always spam this combo,
also, the tanker and other monster cards could be anything just don't forget this trio in your lineup the way I used them as illustrated in my previous battle

bortus vs Legendary summoner


Battle link

you can also see the appearance of my trio combo beating up this legendary summoner,
the trick is 2nd position angelic mandarin, 2nd to last Axe master and last wave brood,
all the other monsters are just fillers which I just felt like having this almost guarantees victory each and every time any game

thank you for reading

I hope this guide helps my fellow renters because we can no longer offset the rentals through battles cause of the ridiculous prices therefore I devised this just for you.

good luck and happy grinds..

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