I Opened a pack in rising star


Zup guys

I'm a rising star rap artist

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I recently had mangoes and boy I liked them which led me to decide I am going to open up a card pack at rising star since I already farmed 10000 Starbits from the mission I'd love to open the 100000 Starbits card pack package but I cannot seem to do it because its not worth until i made it to a certain mission

I'm aiming for this mission

mission aim.JPG

if I managed to get to this mission I shall start farming till 100k starbits but for now I'll just open packs everytime i get 10k to increase my fans that is what I decided upon .

now it's time to open the pack


Lmao I wished for luck and literary got luck for my rare card well, its not too shabby cause I'm assuming this card is important

better luck next time

thanks for reading

I hope your having a good day.

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Hive Pizza is a very active, very fun, and engaging community. I recommend you check out they're Discord to join in the fun or just want a cool place to hang out.


Rising star is a cool game and the best part is, there are no bots or multiple account users click here to visit the game site and register