Tried to make it to immortal rank using focus splinter daily, EOS season reward chest is it really as the text says?


Immortal rank.png

hello guys kevian21 here

I've tried my hardest to secure immortal rank but I have fallen short the competition is too tough and my monsters are short of level, originally I planned to go up to gold and try to make it to the current leader boards and decided to step up my chest and go to immortal rank.

made it to diamond 1 but it was not the rank I aimed for, now imma bust a myth that is maybe or may not be known to splinterland players the chest in diamond is the same as the chest silver and the image below shows it.

chest reward.JPG

chest reward2.JPG


see this chest appearance the one is different from the one I got


vs the one I suppose should have because I had the power required for it or does it require permanent power or some sort I didn't know what I was missing.

this one.JPG

due to past experience the least amount of DEC is 1 should you get from a chest right?

if it's x16 how did I get that cheap chest like 2 Dec and 5 Dec it does not make any sense?

fingers crossed the EOS reward chest is the one I'm most worried about getting the bronze chest and not the diamond 1 chest it really bothers me thinking about it

this one upon my research may be the culprit

well im done.JPG

the last season league but it also said the highest attained which doesn't make any sense since I'm silver 1 during my last season

highest league attained.JPG

did they mean end-of-season present league of some sort like in the rankings current power at the end of the season which would only fit this description wrong?

do I need to rent at the end of the season or not which one is it to obtain diamond chest treasures that are the one that bothers me the most?

I just spent 8000 DEC or more on this journey so I'm a little bit worried hahaha(tired laughter).


here are some of my battles to share from my journey in climbing the immortal rank but haven't gone through diamond 1 which is sad to say but for the most part, I learned a ton of things including maximizing your monsters and summoners because apparently my summoners and monster are only of gold rank, because I this journey wasn't really planned beforehand so yeah it was really hard.

battle 1 (lost)


battle link

the rule is healed out which means no cheesy healing and redirecting unlimited heal strategy for me because when you have mycelic slipspawn with a couple or triage the monster won't die easily if from what I learned in this rank namely the force field ability goes well with taunt because monsters in diamond rank seem to be above 5 damage for the most part in this particular battle it's not, because the person I'm battling with just flexed his maxed out gold cards and maybe or may not be calculating the damage to exceed 4

this is an example of having higher leveled cards to your advantage

battle 2 (lost)


Battle link

This battle was over the moment it started its Yodin Zaku at a max level with green splinter I cannot hope to defeat this guy with the damage that is solid and blast ability this guy doesn't even bother with the high damage cards he had cause it will simply blast off onto the next guy beside my main tanker this is total annihilation no chance

Battle 3 (cheese strat won)


Battle link

This battle is cheesed brought by Llama x golem LOL this was basically the oldest trick in the book a basic one actually pick llama into poison ruleset and also kron/golem, hell why not both since its actually good in this particular ruleset I just happened to win my picking a trick cheese strategy there is not much to say about the match

battle 4 (cheese and won)


Battle link

the rule set is all melee and this trick I learned a long time ago someone actually did this trick to me and it is marked as an essential trick to be used in case of emergency the trick is simple to have llama as your summoner and then put hydra in the farthest back hoping the monster can survive and with self-healing ability and the last stand easily rekt the entire enemy team which just did happen,

battle 5 (lost)


battle link

this battle is very hard as the person im in battle with has maxed out everything from summoner to monsters, the most monster of importance in this battle was the magi necrosi cause it killed my healer instantly ignoring my tanks, and also the poison from venari bonesmith since I'm a green user and i have no knowledge of someone with cleansing ability in this splinter aside from Llama summoner i got defeated easily

my thoughts

I really hope that the reward chest is a diamond chest please splinterlands stay true to the text which says the highest obtained league of the season. otherwise, I'm gonna be broke because I gambled my DEC upon this conquest which ended up in failure, well at least many players I think are also on the same page as I, the renting at the OES is very high and I cannot afford,

battle lessons

In diamond rank, the most important thing is to cleanse if there is no fire/water splinter because there are too many skills that have poison or debuff your entire enemy team in this rank you should see how llama cheesed my way through this entire ordeal because he has cleansed most of my matches are won by llama + self heal monster not gonna lie because that is how important cleanse is.

let's say you wanna have healed for your front line or taunt monsters, guess what there is always affliction and poison in almost every battle so it nullifies the heals and recovery strat you've had and also maxing out your monsters and summoners because the advantage is massive having an extra ability or extra damage makes the difference that may be the main reason why I cannot push through immortal rank.

learned from experience
  1. Maxout monsters and summoners

  2. cleanse ability

Thank you for reading I hope we both learned from my journey and most importantly really really the highest obtained rank in the season be the one granted to all of splinterlands players if that is not the case then i'm broke from dec LOL.

keep grinding and enjoy splinterlands

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