What it Takes to Build a dApp on Hive

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Building a successful app on Hive is easier said than done. There are some great examples out there but as we've said many times before throughout various podcasts: building in this industry can be extremely difficult.

That is not to discourage you, it is to prepare you for what is to come.

There will be times when your token isn't doing well. There will be times when the tech is under heavy development and your users are stressing you out about this issue and that issue.

The key is to build no matter what. Have your hardcore vision and don't stop chasing after it. That is the most important thing!

In This Clip

  • Dan: Benchmark a lot, look at successful use cases
  • It's easy to build on hive because of the decentralization
  • Building a L2 on hive is easy
  • Put as much needed to make a dapp into the community without losing the wheel (like validator nodes)
  • Hive has so many validators = they do part of the work
  • Give back to the community, take responsibility for parts but relinquish other parts
  • Community driven so the founder is not that important - not for SPL or Leo, but for small projects starting
    Vison of HIVE in 10 years by Dan
  • We have many forms of getting funded through the DHF
  • DHF is still simplistic af
  • Example of primitive faucet
  • We are cave people, the hive tech is still in diapers
  • Reputation based DHF, Stairs up, elevator down
  • Caution on the early days, tribalism is important but not big
  • There's enough stake distribution
  • Don't take criticism personally, improve and resubmit, change strategy
  • In ten years: committees upon committees, layers and layers, layers on top of DAOs
  • Internal competition, community picks who gets funded
    Vision of HIVE in 10 years by Khal
  • We are so decentralized from different parts of the world but we are still aligned, might not agree on details though
  • Thousands of dapps and people building from everywhere
  • Hive is underrated compared to shittier chains
  • Matter of time until talent flocks to hive, right now we are steady, but one day we'll see an explosion
  • Ten SPLs-like on different topics with millions of tx per day
  • Lots of failed dapps but no issue, Failure is an iteration towards success
  • More dapps = more expensive RC
  • The Hive token will flow into the hands of projects instead of users, cos projects need it
  • It will take only one competing project, 95% of a block is SPL data = the cost of transacting on hive will explode

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I agree with a lot of what was said here and the point at the end about a future where dapps are acquiring large amounts of Hive for the resource credits is similar to thoughts that I've had.

Years from now we might look at Hive as a miner token for RCs. Some dapps with limited start-up capital may also opt to lease RC delegations rather than buying large amounts of Hive which will create another income stream for holders.

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