Variable Staking | The Future of the CUB Kingdom!

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The DeFi side of the LeoVerse never sleeps and we are constantly working on updates and features that better the tokenomics of both Cub and Polycub. The next big contract that we are working on is the variable staking contract, which will allow a user to stake CUB and receive more Yield depending on the period of time they decide to stake the token.

Cat sounds interested in this new dynamic on Cub, mainly because this contract will provide our users the ability to decide how long and how much they want to stake and how much yield they want to receive based on these two factors.

It sounds complicated over text, the video says it better and I actually go into more details about this so, what are you waiting for? Click the vid to learn more!

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looking forward to progress keep it up


Cubdefi fills an essential gap for Hive. Being able to convert Hive and HBD into investments in liquid form provides a significant advantage.

Yield differentiated by maturity would help liquidity management. It's a method that has been used in traditional finance for decades. Pancakeswap and Kava use this method. It contributed quite a lot to their price performance.

It would be nice if Leo Finance would use the Hive power as collateral as the next step to extend a loan. Also, of course, it would be nice to be able to withdraw Cub credits in exchange for liquid Hive, HBD, Leo, and SPS.

The next step may be to issue microcredit based on reputation. Hive has a reputation system, unlike other networks. Reputation scores are less reliable due to bot usage in the Steemit era, but at least they can be used as data. It is also possible to look at criteria such as the date of joining the network, the use of Hive applications, the votes of witnesses, and the Hive assets owned. In the crypto market, loans are always given against cash collateral. Half of the retail banking profits in traditional finance originate from unsecured loans. The previous payment behaviors of individuals and declared income are among the criteria for evaluation. People who earn income by working as bloggers, developers, and witnesses care a lot about their reputation on the network. This reputation can be used as collateral for a microloan.

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