Updates on DeFi in the LeoVerse | Why is CUB Up Over 30% This Week?

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Eight months ago the plan for the DeFi side of the LeoVerse was to expand and grow with several CUB derived tokens, but since the Terra collapse and experience gained during this bear market, this plan has been modified and adapted to what we believe is the right path considering the current state of the crypto ecosystem.

The focus has shifted to building out the Multi-Token Bridge technology. The tech has improved by orders of magnitude since the beginning of the bridge. Now, transferring HIVE/HBD to and from the BSC blockchain is extremely reliable. There have only been about 1-2 failed TXs per 1,000 TXs. Tech support now refunds these TXs in less than 12 hours. Vast improvements over the past.

Along with this, the focus is now on growing liquidity for bHIVE and bHBD. Growing these will bring more transaction volume and revenue for the CUB Protocol. CUB is now buying/burning CUB tokens on a daily basis with all of this revenue and is looking extremely bullish (up over 30% in the past week despite the rest of the market tanking.. And holding steady!)

We want to grow our user base as well as the number of wallets holding our native tokens.

The plan is to tighten the existing tokens while growing the usage of bHIVE & bHBD Derivatives, and if you want to learn more about the future plans for our DeFi projects on the LeoVerse, then click on this video!

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Excellent explanation, thanks for keeping us updated, it's good that the blockchain continues to grow, being more reliable and secure every day, greetings


Amazing plan, with time the price of cub will pump back and to go where it belongs.

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Thanks for giving us more insight on Web 3.0,, feels really good to know more!