AI, Androids, and Cybernetics of Off-World (World Building Notes)


Namo; a technological marvel; was once set to be made the capital of Free Space.

The Alid race were some of the most prestigious minds when it came to tech and artificial intelligence. They were the first race to experiment and create living droids.


Android Tech
Most of the droids of Free Space, can be traced back to Namo, and although they are incredibly rare now, most people refuse to associate with them, or use them. Which doesn't necessarily mean that no one does.

There are multiple centres throughout Free Space that are focusing on recreating them, but, these new models have so many restrictors put in place, that the droids of today are essentially useless in comparison to what they used to be; they are only allowed to carry out the most basic of requests and work.

The Alid Neuro Tech/ Cybernetic Enhancements
There was a lot of time and dedication given to enhancements, turning a normal person into an almost impenetrable machine.

These enhancements ranged from neurostimulators, to aid in calculation and thought, art, music, research, and many other aspects of life.

In all areas of work - that involved one's mind - exploded; heralding a new age of development. Although expensive, anyone who invested in these enhancements paid themselves and society back within one decade.

Artists, however, who were stimmed, were banned from participating in the art world, including music, poetry, writing, and all other forms of creative expression. While they were unable to participate, and their work was considered less than un-stimmed artists' works, they continued to work and even formed a small political movement, aimed at the inclusivity of stimmed artists. Complaining that any other stimmed person was allowed to work, and even push forward society.

Military Research
With cybernetics, a person could become faster, stronger, more agile, and in general, a force to be reckoned with, even in unarmed combat.

The majority of the people with these enhancements died during The Confederation occupation, but not before holding back the tied and potentially halting their invasion on multiple fronts across Free Space.

The Alid fitted a lot of these people with kill switches, to prevent capture and the inevitable reverse engineering that would take place upon someone falling into the wrong hands, living or dead. These fail safes didn't always work, and it is said that The Confederation is currently experimenting and making their own technological breakthroughs, off the backs of the tech harvested from prisoners.


The Fall of Namo
There was an unfortunate mishap that took place on this planet, which saw the end of the golden age of cybernetics and robotics; and it came from their tampering and striving toward the utopia their brightest minds envisioned.

Around three decades before the invasion, the planet was abandoned and all research was moved to hidden facilities throughout Free Space, some of which went completely under the radar of The Confederation and are still operating to this day.

Slowly over the years, more and more industries and jobs were automated by the androids, and as their programming became more advanced, even more technical jobs were given to the automatons.

Civil servants were fazed out and the machines were given their jobs, and done so, more efficiently than a living person ever could.

It started out small; they would hand out fines, and punishment for minor offenses, such as speeding, crossing flight paths, and even cutting in lines while in markets.

The Governments Pockets Swelled
So much more money was pouring into the treasury and with that even more grants could be given to research and development.

Namo turned over all policing jobs to the droids, as they had a 99% efficiency and tackled every issue with unquestioned logic, and all trials pointed to them being a safer way of dealing with crime. Within a very short space of time, the crime rate was completely on the decline.

Now with most jobs being automated, a lot of the population of Namo had nothing to do, but were being paid incredibly well by the state to pursue their own endeavors.

Most people were happy, but with so much time, some did turn to criminal activity, and many more were just sick of having nothing to do, apart from their hobbies. There was no civil unrest, however, and most who didn't want to live in an automated police state, emigrated.

The Problem
The most minor of infractions were punished with imprisonment, but the Namo government didn't consider the efficiency of their newfound police force.

After only a few months the prisons of this world became overcrowded, and this is where the sophisticated programming showed the first crack.

The Droids Loophole
The prisons were at capacity, and a person named Mishi I'Udan was caught trespassing, after getting lost around the tech hub of this world.

He was a new employee of the Moxxu Industrial plant and ended up outside of the Gallneii Crystal Mines.

Typically, while investigating the situation and gathering statements from the accused, and awaiting judgment, someone would be detained in a holding cell in the Tencti District.

But, the Tencti holding cells were full and the androids weren't able to compute this problem, as it was never considered by the ones who worked on them.

The system went something like this, Criminal - Is Held In Tencti - Cells Are Full - Criminal - Cells Full - No Room For Criminal - Criminal Shouldn't Exist.

The man was executed outside of the Tencti holding cell district, and that started the planet-wide executions of all criminals.

As people panicked, law and order started to collapse, and with that, all of the androids quickly killed anyone they caught. Riots, protests, and anti-social behavior kicked off and the answer to them was capture and death.


The Neuro Link Network
All androids, worked off this network, and it had the plug pulled within a day of the crisis, which shut down all androids, not just the policing droids, but all androids.

The entire world's economy crashed in moments, as nothing was being completed.

Namo saw the first crisis of their recent history, and the government tried to encourage people to work once more, but, so many had lost so much in this short space of time that it was impossible to motivate anyone to work.

Instead, they protested and rioted, and then, if the collapse of their economy wasn't harmful enough, civil unrest and the destruction of private property was; It was the final nail in the coffin for the planet, and a complete exodus happened within a week. The planet was abandoned, apart from a few specialists who tried to fix the programming and restart the network, but irreversible damage had been done to the servers, and the entire world was abandoned.

The Confederation Take Over
Scouts discovered the planet and found it mostly empty. They came and rebuilt the world, and what followed was the transportation of settlers to start over.

All of the research and expensive machinery had been moved out years prior, and scavengers picked through the remnants decades before The Confederation, so all they came across were abandoned buildings and ruined infrastructure, but it wasn't a challenge to start over.

After the war ended, these settlers assumed they were staying, but a para-military group known as the Free Space Roamers (FSR) murdered or enslaved every citizen they got their hands on, and for a time, they set up shop on this world.

Their campaign saw the destruction of most of the rebuilding effort The Confederation undertook; but, the Jex government and other worlds came together to pool resources into a true rebuild, and to this day these efforts are still being undertaken.

Once more, Namo is on its way to becoming the capital of Free Space, considering the destruction the other Free Space Alliance worlds (FSA) have gone through in recent history.

Thanks For Reading
This is an idea that came to me last night, just before I went to sleep, so I wrote down a bunch of notes on my phone and started to translate them from my half-asleep ramblings haha

I love getting a jolt of inspiration like that, it's like a mind flash that shoots a bunch of images into my head, that I then have to decode. I always keep my phone handy, or a notebook to write it down straight away.