Ancestral Bride.


"Do you really understand the gravity of what you just did mama!" I yelled.

"I'm so sorry my daughter" she sniffed "I am.. I was just a helpless mother trying to save her only child" she knelt down and pleaded with tears all over her face.

"But you just ruined me mama, can't you see. You ruined my whole life with this decision" I said standing quickly and pushing her away as she tried holding onto me.

"Please forgive me"

I walked a few steps away from her and without looking back to see her face I replied "I don't know if I can ever forgive you" then I walked away.

My name is Mfom and I'm just like every other person out there seeking to find love and to be loved. This was my third marriage and as it is the present one doesn't look hopeful of lasting. It has already started looking gloomy, the same way the other two did before its crash.

Well I know what you're thinking divorce. But it would have been better if it was divorce. But all my marriages ended up with husband's waking up and having sudden amnesia. Not just that they don't remember me again, they also don't have any memory of our kids or marriage. Then they leave to never return again.

And now my own mother just confessed to me that she was the cause of all my marital problems. It was a hard pill for me to swallow. Who would have thought that the one that nursed me till I became an adult will be the architect of my misfortunes.


I wanted to cut ties with my mum but on the other hand she did what she did out of love. I'm only reaping the consequences. I felt bad because she didn't tell me all these things after my first and second marriage crashed. According to her, in my 7th year as a child I got so sick that she nearly lost me. She tried all the local hospitals but no doctor could figure out what was wrong with me. Then she thought of the traditional chief priest. When she got there luckily he was able to diagnose my problems and also had a cure for it but of course it didn't come without a repercussion which was that I will never get married to any human except to be married to the gods of the land. And if in the future I ever get married I wasn't to have kids.

I cried as I walked on the lonely village pathway back to my house. I thought of how I lost my ex husbands in a likened manner. Now I know it wasn't a coincidence.

I could vividly recall my former husband Bassey waking up to me serving him breakfast, but instead of the usual lovey dovey husband he was. He kept Staring at me in a weird manner as I placed the food on by his bedside and retracted when I tried giving him a kiss.

"Are you okay ?" I asked, trying to hold him.

"Who are you and what am I doing here?" He asked.

I looked at him in a playful manner. I know him to be the joker amongst us so I bashed it off as one of his jokes.
"Come on eat your food before it gets cold"

"You haven't answered me?. What am I doing here? How did I get here?!"

"You're my husband and I your wife" I replied now seeing that he wasn't joking.

"Wife. When did I get married." He paused and stared at the blank wall for a while. "Did you kidnap me" he said standing up and pacing around the round before he finally ran out of the house. It was the last time I saw Bassey. Just the same way my first Uche husband left me.

I hurriedly got home and before I could get into the house I met my present husband stepping out with a confused look.

Was it about to happen again? I asked no one in particular. Is he about to leave just like the rest?.

"Why leave so early without letting me know?" He asked.

"I… Mama requested I see her urgently. I saw you sleeping and didn't want to disturb".

"You scared me" he said

"I'm sorry my husband. Do you want me to do anything for you" I asked, holding his hands.

"Yes," he smiled and looked into my eyes. "Let's go inside and make some babies"

It's been three years and I'm still living happily with my husband. Mama has broken the bond with the traditional chief priest. I don't know how she did it. But I'm glad I have my life back.

Well you're wondering if I forgave her. I did. I'm a mother and as such I can go to any length to get the best for my kids too.


I can relate this to reality, there are times people try to help not understanding that they are destroying the future.

I am glad the character was freed from the curse because it might become an incurable mental health issues for the her. I am glad she got her life back.


Wow... what a magical reality. Wisdom is very profitable to direct and freedom can't be jeopardize.