Importance of the DP within the game.



With the release of $FUSION it has been announced one of the functions that will have the token within the game which is to merge #NFT to obtain a rarer and in the best of luck a #NFT shiny.
Surely you have asked yourself why invest in #Kingofduels, where could you start, and here I will try to answer.
When you buy or create #NFT you accumulate Duel Points (DP) which would represent the value of the collection you have. The DP plays a fundamental role because the higher the amount of DP the higher the possibility of obtaining the token the native token of the hive for KingofDuels. This is why one of the first recommended investments to make is to obtain the starter packs that are available on the in-game market that provides 20 NO NFT cards and 200 DP points. Although the starter pack does not provide NFT cards it provides a considerable amount of DP points, which buying both packs reduces to an investment of $20 to obtain 40 NO NFT cards and 400 DP points.
Now, when I say that the DP represents the value of the collection I am referring to the NFT you have available in your inventory. Each NFT depending on its rarity adds points that help to increase your DP.
For common NFT: 1 DP
For Rare NFT: 5 DP
For Super Rare NFT: 15 DP
For Ultra Rare NFT: 45 DP
For SHINY NFT: 450 DP (Shiny is only obtained by making NFT fusion)
The base formula for chest rewards is a minimum of $1 KOD up to 9% of your total DP per chest. Whether the amount of $ KOD received is closer to the maximum value of 9% will depend on the rarity of the chest.
Consider that when merging NFT cards it is not only with the goal of getting a higher rarity card but to bet on getting a SHINY, or one of higher rarity that will give you more DP.

How do you get the chests and what do they contain?

To get them you must reach at least Bronze III and complete the daily missions that are placed which is to win four battles, at this point it is important to note that in the game you have a life saver in case you can not complete the mission any day of the week, but you can only use it once.
The content of each chest is composed of NO NFT cards, $KOD and/or talismans. The amount of chests you can get depends on the league you are in.

BRONZE III: 1 Bronze Chest.
BRONZE II: 2 Bronze Chests.
BRONZE I: 3 Bronze Chests
SILVER V: 4 Bronze Chests and 1 Silver Chest.
SILVER IV: 4 Bronze Chests and 2 Silver Chests.
SILVER III: 4 Bronze Chests and 2 Silver Chests.

Thus, the higher your rank, the more chests you receive and the better chests you get.

The game has 4 types of chests:

Bronze chests: a non-nft card from common to maximum super rare, and 65% a taslisman token and 35% KOD.

silver chests: one non-nft card from common to ultra rare, and 50% a talisman or 50% KOD token.

gold chests: one non-nft card from common to legendary, and 35% talisman and 65% KOD token The better the chest, the more likely it is to earn the $ KOD token.

Wooden chest: This chest is awarded every day at 0:00 UTC by completing the daily quest of 4 victories.

The other chests are awarded on Sunday at 0:00 utc depending on the league you are in.

What are the leagues available in the game?

There are five leagues available in the game and each league has five levels that you must pass in order to climb the ladder to become the King of Duels. The leagues available are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Emerald and Diamond. After reaching Diamond 1 the points will accumulate and you will become the King of Duels of the current season.

However, in case you do not have time available to play you can always give a scholarship to whoever you think will be able to make good use of the account.
Once you have entered the game for the first time you can create a particular key that you can use later to access the game without logging in with Keychain, which provides security when granting a scholarship since you would not be putting at risk the assets you have in the game. Beforehand we suggest that both parties reach a negotiation that is satisfactory for both.

Another way to invest in the game is through the Stake system with $KOD, if you have doubts about this I invite you to visit our post where we detail more about this method.

image.pngClick on the image to see how to rent NFT.