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Hello duelist, today I bring you important information about King Of Duels and a passive method of generating income by staking the $KOD token.

Mainly the game has a Stake that would be $KOD --> $FUSION, whose main objective is to burn the amount of kod produced to manage the inflation levels of the token.
I'll start by explaining how the new stake works, then I'll cover the $fusion stake.

Token $KOD -> TICKETS with prizes

By staking your KOD tokens they will be blocked weekly and can only be withdrawn on Mondays, this same day tickets with prizes are given to all those who participate in the pool.

How many tickets will I win if I participate?

Initially there will be a maximum ticket pool, which will increase with the participation of more players. Let's give an example:
that 100 tickets are distributed the first week, there are a total of 20 players in the pool who each put in 100 KOD tokens.
100 KOD * 20 players = 2000 KOD this is the pool total.
how many tickets corresponds to each of those 20 players? well, you should see your participation in the pool in percentage.
If the first player put in only 100 KOD, it is divided by the total pool and multiplied * 100 ---> (100/2000)*100 = 5%, that is, 5% of the 100 tickets for that week corresponds to him. which gives you a total of 5 tickets won and you can open them whenever the player wants.


The most important thing that these tickets have inside, what prizes do they grant?
  • 25% of not awarding any prize
  • 25% chance to grant a non NFT card from the game these cards can then be crafted to nft
  • 5% nft card
  • 10% $token 500 $BUDS
  • 5% $token 1000 $BUDS
  • 2.5% $token 2500 $BUDS
  • 10% $token 500 $THGAMING
  • 5% $token 1000 $THGAMING
  • 2.5% $token 2500 $THGAMING
  • 1% $token 5000 $THGAMING
  • 1% $token 5000 $BUDS
  • 6% $token KOD a random number between 1 to 200 KOD
  • 2% $token HBD a random number from 0.5$ to 5$

As you can see, the tickets have the possibility of awarding multiple prizes just for having the KOD token. while your participation in the pool is greater, the more ticket you can get as a reward.


Staking for $FUSION

Initially, a set amount of $FUSION will be distributed each week to holders of staked $KOD relative to the total staked amount. For example, if three players have staked a total of 1000 $KOD towards a weekly pool distribution of 100 $FUSION, each player would receive the following amounts based on their staked contribution:
● Player 1 staked 500 $KOD to earn 50 $FUSION
● Player 2 staked 300 $KOD to earn 30 $FUSION
● Player 3 staked 200 $KOD to earn 20 $FUSION
10% of the tokens that each player puts in staking will be burned, this means that if you place 100 KOD, they are blocked until Sunday, that day $FUSION is distributed depending on your participation in the pool and the 10% burn happens, so you would end up with 90 KOD but you would have obtained $FUSION in return, which is an extremely rare token and will be used for exclusive actions within the game.

This new stake system is already in programming so it will be ready soon.



There is an exclusive type of cards, they are the shiny NFT cards, they are the same as the NFT cards, the difference is that they have a shiny border and increase your DP considerably. You can fuse multiple NFT cards and pay an amount of $FUSION token to have a chance to get a shiny card with a higher rarity than the fusion. Example: 3 rare NFT cards can be different. plus a certain amount of $FUSION token you can get a card of higher rarity than the fusion. Example: 3 rare NFT cards which can be different, plus a certain amount of $FUSION token can get you a higher rarity card, in this case it could be a super rare card, a shiny rare card that will increase your DP considerably or another rare NFT card, but this last one is the least likely possibility.
There will be a monthly battle pass that will get certain prizes for all players who buy it and complete a small mission. These monthly passes have custom emojis, avatars, an NFT card and some Bronze chests. These avatars, emojis and the NFT card can only be acquired in the month when the battle pass is launched, every month there will be different rewards that cannot be acquired later, this makes them exclusive for those who acquire them.

On 09-10-2022 we will do a test at 22:00 UTC. All cards are available to enjoy the gaming experience long before the game is released.
The game has its release date for September 19

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!1UP Oops, another project that I didn't know yet but I'll keep an eye out because I really like duels. Good luck on this and the next steps!