STAKE $FUSION, REWORK STAKE KOD-TICKET Major improvements and new functionalities


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In the publication where the kingofduels governance token is disclosed, we mentioned that the only way to obtain it would be the stake system, but it was pending to explain how it would work and it is time to do it.

How does the $FUSION Stake system work?

To create $FUSION tokens it is necessary to burn the $KOD token and based on the number of participants and the amount of $KOD the reward can be calculated.
A minimum of 15 $FUSION tokens and a maximum of 225 $FUSION tokens will be given (these values are fixed for now but in the future they can be modified to preserve the economy and maintain a correct functioning).

The amount of $FUSION to be distributed weekly is based on this rule:
3000 $KOD or less 15 $FUSION.
From 3001 to 6000 $KOD 30 $FUSION
From 6001 to 9000$KOD 45 $FUSION
So on until a maximum of 225 $FUSION is reached.

How much $KOD will be burned in the Stake?

The percentage corresponding to the burning of $KOD would be taken on the basis of the average inflation rate, i.e:

If the amount is less than 3000 $KOD will burn 100% of the $KOD staked, if it is greater than 3000 will use the rule of calculating the amount of active users who have completed the weekly mission multiplied by 100 $KOD.

A minimum of 10% of the KOD token will always be burned and a maximum of 100% will always be burned.

An example of this may be that:
There are 10 players active on a weekly basis.
10x100= 1000$KOD Average.

Now we proceed to calculate the amount of $KOD obtained by the 10 players in the week and assuming a total of 150 $KOD.

Then the final calculation would be as follows: (total token generated in the week-average token)/average token.
(1500-1000)/1000 = 0.5 * 100 = 50% i.e. 50% more token generated on average this is the % to be burned from the total stake pool!

Now I will explain how the pool will be distributed, let's assume there are 4000 total tokens and there are a total of 10 participants, each participant put in 400 KOD.
Participants: 10
Total pool: 4000
To calculate your reward is your staked KOD / the total KOD of the pool, following the example it would be 400/4000= 10 %.
With the pool of 4000 tokens is equivalent to 30 $FUSION and as a player you get 10%, that is to say that you earn 3 $FUSION tokens for having 400 KOD in the pool.

How much $KOD will be burned from what you have invested?

According to the above explanation you would be burning 50% of the $KOD tokens and based on the example you would be left with 200 $KOD for the next week's participation or you can withdraw if you wish.

Note: Rewards are distributed on Sundays at 00:00 UTC and on Mondays you will be able to withdraw the $KOD available after the burn.

Will there be a measure to ensure that large and small investors join the pool?

The KOD-FUSION stake will be distributed as follows: 60% of the stake will be distributed from user 1 to 5 in the rank and the other 40% among the rest of the participants.
Taking the first KOD stake as a reference, it is not very fair for all participants and many of them do not dare to participate for the simple fact that the first players get a big part of the pool. With this mechanism we achieve that the pool is distributed in a more equitable way.

$FUSION will be a very important token in the game since its main function is to maintain a stable economy and at the same time it will have several use cases within kingofduels.

IMPORTANT is not yet implemented but it will be soon.

There will be a change in the weekly chests and is that they can no longer accumulate will have an expiration date, this is to prevent players not to open their chests to not increase the production of KOD and manipulate the STAKE of $FUSION.

I invite you to click here to learn about one of the utilities that $FUSION will have

LOGO_KOD_2-1.png$KOD is the main utility and reward token in King of Duels that is used to purchase card packs and complete most of the activities in the game.
$FUSION is an in-game governance token within King of Duels that will act as a substitute for $KOD in certain special activitiesfusion logo.png

Official site| Whitepaper| Discord|


This stake will continue to work in the same way but will have two important changes.

the number of tickets to be distributed will be considerably increased

  1. the rewards will be as follows:
  • 40% chance to obtain keys "I will explain later what they are for".
  • 20% chance to grant a non NFT card from the game these cards can then be - crafted to nft
  • 10% nft card
  • 10% chance to get random $BUDS (500,2500,5000)
  • 10% chance to get random $THGAMING (500,2500,5000)
  • 5% to get new tokens "$PGM, $STARPRO,$HUESO" in different quantities.
  • 4% to get $KOD a random number between 1 to 200 KOD
  • 1% to get $$token HBD a random number from 0.5$ to 5$.
  1. For every 300 KOD staked you will get a key "This number could change depending on the economic stability of the game, it can go up or down the amount".

At the same time this reward system will be applied 60% to users from 1 to 5 in the stake rank and 40% to the rest.

What are the keys?
The keys will be a new TOKEN in KOD, a token that players can sell or exchange, the keys are used to open all daily and weekly chests.

At the moment opening any chest will cost 1 key.
The keys can be obtained for free by simply participating in the stake.

In the future it is planned that the keys will have different prices for each type of chest, thus regulating the overproduction of keys as it is not very complicated to get them.

Don't worry at the beginning the game will give you a quantity of keys that you will not be able to sell but they will be useful to open the chests.
Remember that you can get them for free in the stake, or buy them from another player who is selling them.

—Pngtree—yellow vintage key illustration_4629534 (1).png


Excelente, ahora con token de gobernanza el juego sigue avanzando.


Muy bien implementado, todo excelente. Tendremos una economía solida


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