Day Rising


As the darkness fades and light seeps in,
A new day dawns, fresh and unspoiled by sin.
The sun rises high in the sky,
Illuminating everything, and making shadows die.

Birds chirp and tweet, announcing the new day,
Flowers bloom and sway, in the breeze's way.
The world is reborn, with every ray,
And everything seems possible, in this new day.

The rising of the day, brings with it hope,
A chance to start afresh, to learn and cope.
The challenges of yesterday, fade away,
As we embrace the present, and seize the day.

The day is full of promise, and endless opportunity,
A time to take action, and achieve our destiny.
The rising of the day, is a symbol of renewal,
A chance to be better, and strive for our potential.

With each passing moment, the day unfolds,
Revealing new paths, and stories untold.
The world is alive, with energy and motion,
And we must keep up, with its constant commotion.

The sun shines bright, and the sky is blue,
A canvas for life, with endless hues.
The rising of the day, is a work of art,
Painted by nature, in every single part.

The trees sway gently, in the morning air,
Their leaves rustling, without a care.
Nature awakens, and comes to life,
As we marvel, at its beauty and might.

The rising of the day, is a time for reflection,
A chance to ponder, and introspection.
We can learn from yesterday, and make amends,
And start anew, with a newfound lens.

The day is full of wonders, and surprises too,
As we venture forth, and discover what's new.
Every moment, a chance to make our mark,
To leave behind, a legacy, bold and stark.

The rising of the day, is a reminder of life's rhythm,
Of cycles and patterns, that never dim.
The sun will set, and darkness will descend,
But we must keep moving, until the very end.

So let us cherish, every rising of the day,
And make the most, of every single way.
For life is fleeting, and time is short,
And we must make the most, of every effort and thought...

I remain Kingsleymark..