Movie review/ Dwindle

Watching Nigeria movie is also my favorite, but on this movie it was one of the best movie have watched for a long time, seeing some actors and my favorite comedians on the movie was more interesting.

A young man who came to the city in search for a job after done with school about 4yrs back, his girlfriend who love him but her parent insisted she shouldn't get married to the young man do to some financial challenges the young man was facing, he became frustrated, life become difficult day by day, his father became sick that requires so much money for his surgery but their only hope was his child who was trying to survive in Lagos.


Though, he finally got a job unfortunately the government close down the office do some challenges in the country, his landlord was on his neck for not paying up his house rent. His friend who came to stay with him for copy of days find out how life has been so difficult for him and his friends, so they plan on starting taxi work so they could settle for some bills. His friend who was a street guy who knows how things are down in the street brought out an idea of meeting with his friends who could borrow is car for some days so they could raise some money and settled some bills.

The plans work out well and they both started the taxi work. There was a problem in the country, how some terrorist kidnap the Governor of the state, the story went viral still the extent the government promise to give anyone who find him. This two friends who started a taxi work saw a guy who need a taxi, they took him and asked him for location but he insisted they should keep on driving, on the way they stop and the young man came down and the two friends find out some money on the young man bag so they decided running with the money on their way a sound came in from the boot of the vehicle, they stop and check and find out it was the governor, they talk to the governor and he wasn't really helping matters still the extent the governor did some records of them and sent it to the police.

They crazy friend insisted they should requested for some money from the governor and act like the kidnapped that this is the only opportunity they could become rich, everything went successful not until they call the son of the governor and find out the son was involved in the kidnap of the governor that his father. last they took some money from the son and told him his father his dead because that what his son needed so he could inherit his property.

At the end of the movie the two young guys became wealthy and the son of the governor died while the governor was alive and the police arrested the governor for fraud and illegal activities happening in the country.

The movie talk about a young guy who survived in Lagos after a lot of challenges he face.