Blockchain: How to Generate Cryptocurrency Effectively (dApps)


Internet has become really decentralized and nowadays we don't have to depend on the servers of a company, it's something complex how decentralization works, but it's really great that in the blockchain everything we do, either write a post, make a comment, walk, upload photos and all this generates cryptocurrencies, it's really interesting all this technology, I am a person who loves to review the world of Web 3.0 and we can do it with a dApps radar.


How can we effectively identify a dApp?

The task really is very simple, we want to generate income in crypto and the best way to do it is through a dApp, I want to mention that I usually use the website because I simply find it much easier to use, this is a really very nice website, we can see which are the most popular NFT games and today I would like to talk a little bit about these NFT games, I also want to mention some very important tips for investing in NFT, I think the ETH blockchain is really great for NFT games and collectibles.


We can simply see the ranking of dApps on this website effectively, we can also see the ecosystem of dApps on the Hive blockchain, I think it's great to be positioned on these radars because many people tend to use it and that's great, another thing I would like to mention is that it sounds fun to generate cryptocurrencies on Threads, as we very well know is a dApp that is on the Hive blockchain and it is for this reason that I will take as an example this website.

Hive Blockchain Microblogging (LeoThreads)

Twitter is a centralized microblogging social network, I think I am starting to use more Threads than Twitter, I want to mention that everything we do on the web3 can generate crypto, for example, we have Liketu, it is a website for photography lovers and that's great. I also want to emphasize that we need much more curation content in Threads and I think this can be one of my long term projects, I also want to mention that it is a great tool for Digital Marketing and that's great, it is interesting the idea of having these tools in Hive because I simply love Marketing and its relationship with Web 3.0, I think we can start a YouTube channel and promote it effectively in Threads.


I would also like to talk a little bit about the income we can generate on LeoThreads, I think it is a really great idea to generate LEO and participate in LPUD, I want to give a daily report of my earnings on Threads and I will be doing it first thing in the morning, I want to highlight that we can generate 5$ a day effectively using LeoThreads, this microblogging platform is really nice to generate crypto income for the simple reason that we can generate really nice income over time.

My Crypto Earning Report & LeoThreads Web 3.0 Marketing

From my point of view I must remember how efficient this tool is when promoting a NFT project, I want to remember we can extract GM token in LeoThreads once a day and for this we must have a WAX wallet ready to associate it with our Hive wallet, it is a bit complex all this and really worth learning, I want to mention that very recently I read about this project and it is really interesting the idea of generating extra income in LeoThreads in other blockchains such as WAX.

Another very important point is that currently there are many users contributing value to the chain and that is really nice, I want to give as an example LPUD, just a few days ago we were making some small comments about LPUD using the tag #lpud and we surpassed the tag #gmfrens and that is really great, our colleague @taskmaster4450le stated in Threads that there are many users in that know this initiative and the relation of this with LEO tokenomics is really great.



I want to focus on mentioning that just a few days ago I generated at least 1$ using Threads, I also want to remember that we are in a bear market and for this simple reason I have not been able to generate more than 5$ a day with this microblogging platform and I am sure that very soon I will reach this goal, but we must also remember that needs to grow and for this reason to have LEOGrowth, another very important point is that if we provide value in Threads and we use it more than 3 hours, we can generate around 500 LEO per month thanks to the curation of some users who have a really decent Leo Power.

How to Use Effectively! is a website where we can find a lot of information about dApps and I want to show you some screenshots so you can understand how it works, just click on Ranking and you will be in a tab similar to this one:


Another very important point is that we can meet an ecosystem of dApps, this is basically what blockchain technology is all about, we can build decentralized applications and that is the main goal of a blockchain, for example, is a dApp that is built on the Hive blockchain and we focus more on social networks, I love to do a lot of research on decentralized social networks.

See you in the next installment, remember that the material published here is for educational and entertainment purposes only, I am not responsible for your money and I recommend doing it at your own risk.


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