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Many people should understand the importance of investing in LEO token, I think one of the best days to stake LEO is LPUD, for this reason I have staked a lot of LEO in all the time I have in LeoFinance, I think I can stake much more LEO in the next LPUD, I also have to take into account that all my bills must be paid before the 15th of each month and I can use the generated LEO to stake it later. A few hours ago I power up on a lot LEO token, taking into account that my invoices can be covered by other sources of income I have on the internet and others in real life, it is fun to create content in LeoFinance and for this simple reason I must admit that it is simply a great idea for our income to have these investment opportunities in Hive/LeoFinance, I have talked a lot about LeoThreads because I see a lot of potential in this microblogging platform to generate LEO effectively.

Threads As A Extra Income : Hive Blockchain Microblogging Is Growing

I like a lot to create content in Threads because I can interact with other users while generating a really considerable income in Threads, I think it is a good idea, I must admit that LE is a good investment in Hive blockchain and for this reason I want to keep accumulating LEO and then staking, it is true that BRO token is really nice in the long term, for this simple reason I want to keep thinking about accumulating layer 2 tokens, I think in 3 years I can have at least 50,000 LEO staked and that turns out great.



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