LeoGlossary: Hive/LeoFinance Engagement with Threads


LeoGlossary is a great project in Hive blockchain and we should keep adding value by promoting this project effectively, I think the best way to promote this project can be simply the effective use of LeoThreads daily, it is true that we can generate a really fat income if we use LeoThreads daily, for this simple reason I want to mention that I like the idea of being able to generate crypto with the creation of short format content, I want to admit that my goals in LeoFinance are long term, I want to keep accumulating a decent LEO and then staking it, this is simply a great idea from my point of view, for this simple reason I decided to invest some of my extra money in LEO, LeoFinance/Hive are very sustainable things over time and this means that our investments can be really nice in the long term.

Hive/LeoFinance Investment

I am investing more and more in LeoFinance/Hive because I really understand the potential of all these investments, for this simple reason we must realize that it is worth to bring value to the community, we can achieve great things in the future but it all depends on the investors in the LEO ecosystem.

We must continue to promote the use of LeoGlossary in Threads because we simply want all our projects to be a long term success, for this simple reason I want to thank all the LEO team for always keeping nice updates for the community.


See you in the next installment, remember that the material published here is for educational and entertainment purposes only, I am not responsible for your money and I recommend doing it at your own risk.


I would also like to encourage the community to use the new UI in LeoFinance, currently in Alpha version, we want you to give us your feedback and know that we are a community focused on the growth of the LEO/HIVE ecosystem providing value with the development of new applications based on Web 3.0.

New LeoFinance UI:


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