My LEO Goal in LeoThreads ~ Hive Blockchain Micro-Earning

I think that having microblogging in Hive can be a great idea for entrepreneurs, this is simply because it is very interesting to connect with people in real time on Web 3.0, this is something we should take into account, I think it is really interesting to generate an extra income with the creation of short format content and this is something we should take into account, Threads can become a really great source of income if we use it daily, this is really very important, I think when you make a "threads" you are creating a sub-process this means that you are making a comment in Hive and increasing your activity, it is really nice all this, for this simple reason I decided to increase my participation in Threads, I think I can achieve it very soon.

My LEO Goals in THREADS - Hive Microblogging

I want to increase my Leo Power and from my point of view the best place to increase my LEO income is LeoThreads, my goal is long term, I want to invest for at least 3 years in LEO token, maybe LEO will reach the price of 1$ again, long time ago the price of LEO token was staying above 0.20$ and that was really nice for our bills and personal expenses, considering that if you have a nice dividend in LEO token you can get a really great passive income.



See you in the next installment, remember that the material published here is for educational and entertainment purposes only, I am not responsible for your money and I recommend doing it at your own risk.


I would also like to encourage the community to use the new UI in LeoFinance, currently in Alpha version, we want you to give us your feedback and know that we are a community focused on the growth of the LEO/HIVE ecosystem providing value with the development of new applications based on Web 3.0.

New LeoFinance UI:

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