Pokemon HeartGold Ep. 18 - The Red Gyarados at "Lake of Rage"


After clearing the gym challenge of Cianwood and acquiring the HM Fly I flew to Ecruteak and Surfed my way to Mahogany in hopes of getting my hands on the 7th Johto Gym Badge.

Unfortunatelly some weird things happening to Mahogany and more specifically at the "Lake of Rage" didn't allow me to challenge the Gym but I did travel to the lake and faced a super-strong Red Gyarados?!?

After catching it a dude with a black cape told me that someone is transmiting signals to the Lake of Rage forcing Magicarps to evolved and that transmitions were coming from Mahogany!Also asked for my help.

I of course said yes and saved the game just outside of the souvenir shop, the place this signals were coming from! My bet is that Team Rocket is behind this but we're gonna find out at the next one. Until then click "play" and...

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