My strategy to promote leofinance on twitter

I really want to make a publication to encourage the community of @leofinance to continue promoting our community, because many of you know me and know that I am a lover of this community and that I simply love to write here guys and I simply know this community very well and it is difficult to write in another community because I simply believe that I have found my place here with all of you, day by day continue sharing content and simply that is the goal guys, at least my goal is to make my community is recognized worldwide and that all people can invest in the projects mentioned here.

Many users who have been on @leofinance for a while know that there is something called Leo Threads and this is a great thing because it is simply something similar to Twitter and with this we can be promoting our online business if we want to guys.


How can we go viral on Twitter?

One of my tips to increase leofinance traffic is to always use the hashtags that are trending guys, with this we will reach more audience and above all make some giveaways, but what do I mean by all this? Simply that we can do giveaways and promote our Twitter account and our leofinance blog, I am sure that with this we will reach a larger audience not only for writers or investors who want to bring value to @leofinance but also for Hive Blockchain I think that with this we will be bringing a lot of value to the ecosystem and especially if that traffic comes from @leofinance is much better for all of us.

I'm even doing a partnership with the psyberx team to do some giveaways on Twitter to grow our social networks exponentially and be able to sell some NFTs with this and also do some things we have in mind with the @leofinance community and I think we will be bringing a lot of value and we will be doing very good things for the economy of both sides.

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