Threads: Hive Microblogging and LeoGlossary Data Base

I want to mention that Threads is a great project in Hive Blockchain, many users currently want to use this microblogging feature to generate extra income and it is possible that in the future we can have good results if we want many users to have the freedom to generate extra income because it is really important to have all this in LeoVerse.

I want to emphasize that it is worth earning crypto with just a few messages and at the same time support the growth in LeoFinance, users committed to this project can be really profitable with all this project but I'm talking about the long term because it is simply very true that the LEO token can increase its value in the future and that we must take into account.

Threads & Microblogging

The application that many of you know and that the most known microblogging platform called Twitter can give us some fame but I'm not sure if we are going to get some money with all this, because it is simply something complex instead with Threads we can generate money just by registering in LeoFinance and we will start to get microprofits thanks to microblogging and that is something to consider.

I also want to comment about LeoGlossary because it is important to use this database to position our blog.