Why bitcoin is most trader?


Many of us know that Bitcoin (BTC) is the most traded cryptocurrency that currently exists and we also have in mind that it is a cryptocurrency that operates without an intermediary, this means that this payment system is fully decentralized and perhaps for this reason it is the payment system with more market capitalization.

I would like to mention from my personal point of view that Bitcoin (BTC) can be one of the most traded decentralized means of payment is because simply many expert users claim that this can be totally anonymous, it is not known how but it is known that it is totally anonymous.

But what do I mean by this? Simply that when there are anonymous high capital transactions, such as a hacker laundering money with the Bitcoin (BTC) after an attack on an organization this can be one of the main reasons why the Bitcoin (BTC) is a heavily traded asset, even the most traded asset today.


What is the reason for Bitcoin's movements?

Today there are many miners around the world, every time a Bitcoin (BTC) miner provides a machine to mine cryptocurrencies blocks are solved much faster and this is usually one of the main reasons, of course also put the Bitcoin in staking is a way for the currency to rise, but today putting Bitcoin (BTC) in staking is profitable? This is a very good question, we all know that there are systems like PolyCub or CubDefi that are investment in decentralized finance (DeFi) that usually offer a much juicier APY or APR.

From my personal point of view I think that putting Bitcoin is not so profitable Why do I say so? Simple, honestly we can make a good investment if we know how to make a good entry in buying price, that is if we buy at 0.40$ and make Hold of this cryptocurrency at least 1 year and withdraw at 0.60$ then there can be no better passive investment guys.


What is driving the Bitcoin price?

I think that Bitcoin is one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies, for example in large transactions, I believe that from 1 million dollars this can be the financial asset of choice for many, but why? First I would like to mention that people who have a lot of money like to trade with this asset.

But one question is USDT not the most traded? Apparently USDT is the most traded crypto asset, so I think this can be very confusing because whenever a large sum of money is moved anonymously this can be thanks to Bitcoin (BTC).


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