Hello Blockchain Gamers!

Splinterlands Game is one of the most popular and great Hive-Blaockchain games.

I recently became a player in this Splinterlands game.
It's been difficult for a newcomer, but I was able to make today's Daily Quest a success with just a few matches.

After the Daily quest done, I want to share about the battle which represent weekly challenge, theme Dragon.

Despite sharing so many games like this, I would like to share one of the best battles using Dragon summomer, I have ever played.


Before talking about battle, I want to talk a little bit about theme dragon.


  • Edition: ANY
  • Rarity: ANY
  • Element: DRAGON + ANY

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About Battle

Battle rules is standard.
Mana cost is 27.
I used Dragon summoner with Earth Splinter.

My Choosing Summoner is DRAKE OF ARNAK (Dragon Summoner ) + Death splinters.
My Line up are as follow:-

—Pngtree—creative simple dividing line_5054140.png

My Line up

Position 1 : BONE GOLEM

It is a good tanker in death elementals. I used him as a main tank for my team. I like his melee attack with good damage. His ability is "Void".

Position 2 : UNDEAD BADGER

It is a good sneak attacker. I use him a melee attack supporter for my attack team.

Position 3 : SILENT SHA-VI

It is a good sneak attacker too. I like his speedy melee attacks. I use him as a main melee attacker for my team.


It is a good Range attacker. I use him as a main Range attacker for my team. His ability "True Strike" is very support in battle rounds.

Position 5 : CARRION SHADE

I use him at the last place of my team as a damage reducer, because I want to reduce some of the enemy team's attack damages.


I use him at the last place of my team as a damage reducer, because I want to reduce some of the enemy team's attack damages.

Position 1Position 2Position 3
Position 4Position 5Position 6

—Pngtree—creative simple dividing line_5054140.png

The battle started with the above arrangement.
My opponent team is using Death Summoner.

[Battle Playing]


At the start of battle, my opponent team is use the Death Summoner. His line up is : the strong tank at the 1st place, the 2nd and 3rd place are Melee attackers with "Sneak" abilities. Then at the last two place are two Range attackers. So his line up is completely strong line up. We'll see what happens in the battle rounds of Dragon+Death VS Death Summoner's battle.

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(Round 1)


  • At the start of the 1st round, my team last place damage reducer is fall faster. This indicates that my line up is working.
    Then we both teams are continued to competing.

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(Round 2)


  • In this round two, my team tanker is fall and also the next last place damage reducer is fall again. In the opponent team's side- one of range attacker of his last place and the 1st place strong tanker are fall. And then 3rd round is start.

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(Round 3)


  • At this round three, enemy team lose his last place range attacker and one of sneak attackers. My team fall the second place sneak attacker. So at the end of this round, my team stand with two team-mate and enemy team left only one melee attacker.

—Pngtree—creative simple dividing line_5054140.png

(Round 4)


  • At the start of this round four, my team attackers are knock down the enemy team's last melee attacker. The battle is end with victory for my team.

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(Battle Results)


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I love Splinterlands game so much because of all the excitement.
This battle has given both of us a excited, and I'm sure it will give a excitement to my friends who have come to support this post.
If you want to watch my full match, you can click the Battle Link below.

Battle Link

You can also watch my battle in Twitter post.

Twitter Link

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Let me review the battle ...

  • Opponent team is strong line up at this mana cost battle.
    His strong tanker and back row range attackers were fall faster.
    So his last remaining main melee attacker with "sneak" ability was not able to defend my team well. At last my team win the battle.

My lineup and strategy

  • My team lineup and strategy was worked well. At the start of the battle, the last place damage reducer were fall and it did some of the enemy's attacks were wasted.
    Also the back row melee attackers and range attackers were completely fix with the team.
    My team showed the teamwork power and at last won the battle.

Like or Dislike Dragons

  • Yes, I like Dragons because of their abilities. And they can team up with other elemental monsters. The Dragons are good to use in most of battles. And they can support the attack team.

  • In the future, I will choosing the Dragons and team up with other elementals monsters to be the best team.

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If you are interested to join Splinterlands, you can join by clicking my referral link :

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Well- Let me end for the sharing about my weekly challenge battle.
All of images using in my post are tacking screen shoot from Splinterlands game sources.

Thanks You Splinterlands.
Thanks to all the friends who came to support my post.
Good luck and see you all friends.


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