shark t-06-01.jpg
_________ MUMMY SHARK __________

Hi guys, how are you doing today.

_____Welcome To My New Post_____
Today I'll sharing the firt part of the Digital portrait series I made of my shark family, a family of four, consisting mummy shark and three male baby sharks

This was done when I was still new to the digital art world and still learning so the art isn't as good compared to the digital art I create now but I really loved the outcome of the work and I hope you like it

________ PROGRESS SHOTS ________

Step 1: on this stage I created my neat line Art. On this stage, I added and also removed some details from it that I do not want. This stage is am important one cos it will decide how you paint your art.

shark t-01.jpg

Step 2: Here on this stage I established my first layer of colour using the already created colour pallette, some may call it base colour.
shark t-02-01.jpg

Step 3: here on this stage I added my shadows on the face of the model as well as the hand to give it some depth.
shark t-03-01.jpg

Step 4: After completely adding my shadows to the necessary areas on the art, I added my light to the art, I am using Adobe illustrator so there's really no way to blend on it unless I use gradient to help soften out the colours into each other.
shark t-04-01.jpg

Step 5: for this stage, I decided to work more on the details such as the hair by adding some hair strands.
shark t-05-01.jpg

Final Step - Background: for this I decided to just make it simple and abstract.. I didn't want to make it whole art look choked by designs.
shark t-06-01.jpg


... Kindly share your thoughts in the comments session. Thank you.