Happy Hive Power-Up Day + Music NFT Giveaway!

it's time

To power up your Hive. It's time to strengthen then network. It's time to do the damn thing. I power up hive like every day so it's just another day for me. I surpassed 1500 HP too! I can't wait til I can power up LP and HP from the Leo Finance app. That'll be sick.


I love this 3D design by @holovision. I felt it was a good thumbnail pic.

I powered up 10 HIVE today because I power up very frequently.


I also powered up all my liquid LEO.


And last, but not least I powered up all my liquid POB.


What about the NFT giveaway?

I decided to give away a music NFT to a random person that comments. Music NFTs are something I have always been interested in and there's a project making waves with them. It's called YoshiDrops and they make music NFTs that produce oxygen. Saving the world with music.

All you have to do is comment a screenshot of your Hive Power-Up to show that you participated. I'll do the giveaway in a few days so join up!


Here's the music NFT I will be giving away:


Make sure you enter the giveaway.


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