Gods Unchained - Nature regenerate focused deck. Finally rank Midnight Shadow.

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Man I had a long day, It's 2am here. Just wanted to share some really good battles from today on Gods Unchained.
I'm trying to hit all 3 tiers on the Blessing of the Gods play to earn campaign.
This earns you GODS token every week and they're trading at just above $5.
Along the way your earn packs and if you're lucky you get some rare cards. Then if you want you can go sell them on the marketplace for ETH.
I recently rebuilt my deck and have been playing a Nature regenerate deck. It's been working really well.

I ranked up to Midnight shadow and need to get in 47 more battles with 11 wins. Easy enough.
The people I have been playing tonight have been surrendering 5 mintues in so that helps.
I guess they see my cards and see how fucked they are lol

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you eat lots of turkey.

Most of all, enjoy your family.

I'm thankful for you.

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