Sunset view and people coming home from work planting rice seeds in paddy field


Hello nest friends
good night everyone, hopefully always in good condition, on this occasion tonight I will share pictures of the sun that will set in the west, and people who will walk home from planting rice seeds.
Today me and two friends planted rice seeds in the fields, for now it is very difficult to find people, to plant rice seeds in the fields, because currently there are still many people planting rice seeds in my village, so there are only three of us. we are going home, I captured the sunset view, from a very wide expanse of rice fields, and this is the picture I took today
This is a picture of my friend who is still planting rice seeds in the fields



And these are those who have started their way home, because it's late, but tomorrow they have to go back again, plant rice seeds again because they are not ready, maybe up to three days, because there are only three of us


And this is a very beautiful view of the sun in the far west, and the sky looks so bright that it makes the sun scene very free, to release his incomparably beautiful painting.




Hopefully the pictures that I present tonight can entertain all of my friends who are resting because they are tired from the activities you are doing today, like me? Tonight I am very tired, so last afternoon when I came home from the rice fields, after I finished taking a shower I immediately rested and fell asleep until the night, and could barely greet all of my friends.