Nerissa Tridawn Splinterlands Art Contest Week 227

final nerissa tridawn.png

Hello Hive people! It's a new week again. I am excited to introduce to you my entry for this week.

I am trying to finish this before going on vacation the first week and second week of this month will be unwinding for us.

So last week I am supposed to draw a water card but Tarsa caught my attention. This week, Finally a water card for sure! She grabbed my attention too. She is a warrior which is badass and freaking fantastic.

The way she looks "oohh~ you're next". I always love to draw anything water involves, "let me in". LOL. I don't know how to swim so the sea scares me but I still love it.

I already had a vision of what I was gonna do.

So I am going out of my comfort zone and trying to do full-body art which is good. Drawing full body always scares me. Actually, everything going well and I am proud of myself. (pat myself)

Nerissa Tridawn.png

Original Character

Only her half-face is shown so my imagination I will try my best to draw her with my own art style. This is the most challenging art I made. Maybe because I keep pausing in rendering. We got on vacation last week so maybe my mind is still at the beach. Tomorrow we are going to send my cousin to his school which is an hour's drive and we are going short trip again.

The Process


At first, I hesitated to draw the whole body because It will take time to render. I told myself if I got the line art the first time I will stick to it. I sketch the face first before doing the other. I am so satisfied with the result.


I learn my lesson before that I should render clean. And maybe I am on the way to that.


Adding all the base colors is one should I practice so the rendering time will save some.


What I like the most is the water effect I made looks cool. I need to add the water so that I know where the water reflects on her. It is not ordinary water, it glows too.


And then I added the Kraken at the back to make the art more interesting.


I added the background and the water, so the setting is nighttime which is good. I am still not final with how the water surrounded her.


I added the suckers onto the Kraken and I added shadow in it. I added glow to the trident and added more highlights from the reflection of the trident. I used a gradient tool for the sky.


I added stars to the sky to make it more lively not dull. And I added a few highlights to the Kraken just to make it more noticeable.

final nerissa tridawn.png

For the final render, I made the water flowy and I darken the background a little bit so the subject is more pop out more. The water is my favorite of all I just love it. I am still deciding which character I should draw next.

This is a sign for me to always draw the whole body, so I can practice more.

Thank you for stopping by :))


Drawing Tablet: XP-Pen Deco 1 v2
Drawing Program: Krita
Duration: 14 hours and 24 minutes




Your shading is pretty good and the RGB colour combo was a smart move as well. The coloring part looks great but it looks like you had some trouble with the hands. Maybe I'm wrong.

Just like Ema said below, glad to see you trying full body drawings 😁.


thank you. :))) I have a lot of things to improve not gonna lie. Hahaha. I am in a hurry and I don't want to carry my laptop for the trip yeah I just drew it like that hahaha. Sometimes when i drew free hand hand it look perfect but if I needed to be perfect it sucks hahaha. Hope the wifi is good at the place we are staying

yeah, mee too I am shooked actually hehehe


Well, thanks for taking it positively :)

Just enjoy the trip and comeback fresh. That's much better. Where are you going the way?


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